Via del Governo Vecchio

A cobbled lane full of boutiques, lively restaurants and vintage clothes shops

This gorgeous street, just off Piazza Navona in the centro storico, is a favourite with everyone. Bohemians love its myriad vintage clothing stores and cool cafes and bars. Culture buffs adore its crumbling palazzi (including numbers 123 and 134 where, respectively, Renaissance architect and painter Donato Bramante and San Filippo Neri once lived) as well as one of the famous ‘talking sculptures’ in Piazza Pasquino where locals of other centuries would leave satirical messages. Linguists and young Italophiles gossip outside the language school in Piazza dell’Orologio. Romantics hide in the cute bookshop AltroQuando flicking through books on art and cinema. And shopoholics (local and day-tripper) spend hours in the boutiques boasting a mix of everything from evening gowns to alternate jewellery to reasonably priced shoe shops to antiques. There’s also a good little supermarket squeezed in amongst all the beauty so those travel companions who are bored waiting for ‘shoppers’ can slip off to pick up groceries. I challenge any reader of any age to leave this street without having seen something that takes their fancy.

Via del Governo Vecchio Rome

omero e cecilia vintage shop rome
Omero e Cecilia vintage shop rome
michele abiti usati vintage rome
Michele Abiti Usati Vintage Shop
Via del Governo Vecchio in Rome
Piazza Orologio, Borromini Clock Church – Historical Sight.
An unusual, Borromini designed clock church. The mosaic for the Madonna and child is by Pietro da Cortona, making this church a special combination of two baroque masters. Inside there is a library with a garden of orange trees.
Via del Governo Vecchio in Rome
Caffe Novecento.
This is the perfect place to truly unwind, read the paper or a book while sipping on one of their fabulous cappuccinos or on a cup of their extensive selection of savoury teas. They also have a selection of decadent desserts such as coffee cakes, chocolate cake topped with pears and other sweet treats just like grandma makes.
Via del Governo Vecchio in ROme
Building 41- Historical Sight.
Built for the Governor of Rome during 1473-1478, and known after as Palazzo Nardini. The renaissance doors and portal are a gorgeous sight, and back in the day the seats of government to the Pope were behind them. It is because of this building that this street has its name- the Street of Old Government.
Via del Governo Vecchio in Rome
Kolby- Clothing.
Menswear emporium. These guys have been in the business for a long time, and their understanding of men’s fashion is apparent. Unique, often vintage fabrics are used, and they have great leather and accessories. A sharp style for the modern man.
Via del Governo Vecchio in Rome
Piazza Pasquino- Talking Statue.
This decrepit and slightly creepy torso dates from 3rd cen-tury BCE, and was placed at this point in Piazza Pasquino in 1501. The socalled ‘talking statue’ was given its name be-cause anonymous satirists would post the political opinions on the statue, informing the public of alternative news and views.
altro quando bookshop
AltroQuando- Bookstore.
A great spot for cinema, art and photography fans. This bookshop has everything from DVDs to film posters and photographs to actor and director biographies. Downstairs you will find a room with a piano, projector and of course tables and chairs for relaxing with a cold beer, cocktail or glass of wine.
Via del Governo Vecchio in Rome
Frigidarium Gelateria.
This gelato institution has served artisanal goodies for more than 15 years. Be prepared to join the queue at any time of the day, but without hesitation, because the wait is worth it.
Abbey Theatre Rome
Abbey Theatre Irish Pub. This place has more of a proper pub feel than others in the centre. Sporting costumes and props from the historic theatre, it has six rooms over two floors with live Irish music from various bands and open mic night.


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