Via Sistina and beyond

Strolling through Via Sistina & Viale Trinità dei Monti

If you’re looking for a picturesque walk and a less touristy place to explore, make your way to Via Sistina. Starting at Piazza Barberini, the street is lined with colorful shops, restaurants, and hotels. There’s plenty to do here, such as eating at a trattoria, being an audience member for a play, or just taking in the architecture and beauty of the hilly landscape. Via Sistina’s slow incline opens up to Trinità dei Monti and an elevated view of Piazza di Spagna. Keep making your way up the hill and you’ll find even prettier sights, including a gorgeous lookout of the city from Terrazza del Pincio. If you have a free evening on your hands, taking a sunset stroll up Via Sistina is well worth the time.

At one end of Via Sistina is Piazza Barberini. This open space features la Fontana del Tritone, which was sculpted by the famous Italian artist Bernini.
Just around the corner on Via Gregoriana is Gregory’s Jazz Club, a classy place to go if you’re looking for great music and Roman nightlife.
teatro sistina
Further down the street you will find Il Teatro Sistina. Stop here to enjoy the latest play or musical production in a beautifully constructed theater.

A man and woman soak up the sunshine on the steps of Bibliotheca Hertziana, located on Via Gregoriana
At the top of Via Sistina is the famous Hassler Hotel, which offers beautiful views of the city.
At the end of Via Sistina and the pinnacle of the Spanish Steps, you’ll find la Trinita dei Monti.

view from trinita dei monti
View over Piazza di Spagna from Trinità dei Monti

Two tourists take in the view from the church’s steps.
Keep walking past Trinita dei Monti and you’ll stumble upon the back of Villa Medici, a large architectural edifice with beautiful gardens.
A father and his daughter walk through a covered pathway to Terrazza del Pincio.
Terrazza del Pincio offers breathtaking views of the city, especially at sunset.
A guitarist performs for the crowds in the Terrazza.

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