7 Must-Have Smartphone Apps for Your Entertainment in Rome

The Italian capital of Rome has some of the most magical historical attractions on our planet. From the Colosseum and the Pantheon to the Trevi Fountain, Rome is a romantic city guaranteed to stir the cultural senses. From an entertainment perspective, Rome caters for most interests and tastes. In fact, one of the rare elements missing is the presence of land-based casino resorts. There are only five operational in the entire country – none of which are present in the Eternal City. Surprisingly, online casino gaming is licensed and fully regulated. 888casino is one such iGaming operator that’s become a major success in Rome and across Italy. It’s well-known for its successful new customer campaigns, which include no-deposit bonuses and matched deposit promotions.

Although Rome might not have a tick in the right box for land-based casino players, there are plenty of other entertainment options for adults to enjoy, whether it’s food and drink, live music, urban artistry or simply seeing the sights – either on foot, four wheels or even two wheels. The following seven apps should be installed prior to any trip to Rome, ensuring you make the most of all the nightlife up for grabs.

VR Rome Bus Tour Virtual Reality 360

If you don’t have the luxury of time to explore every nook of Rome on foot and you own a virtual reality (VR) headset, you could always download the VR Rome Bus Tour Virtual Reality 360 app. Built to work seamlessly with iOS devices, this half-hour-long bus tour takes in many of the major sights and sounds. You have total control over the speed of the tour and you can even rewind to look back at landmarks you may have glossed over in person.

With the aid of split screen, each eye is given its own view, ensuring you get full 360-degree control of the scenery, whichever way you move your head. There’s no hotel Wi-Fi or 4G connectivity needed either, with everything housed in one native app.

StreetArt Rome

Fans of urban art will be grateful for the work of art magazine Artribune, which has developed the StreetArt Rome app. Originally, this app was devised with locals in mind, making the people of Rome aware of the most contemporary urban artwork on their streets. However, it has since evolved into something of a tourist attraction at day and night.

At the time of writing, the app gives you access to over 100 pieces of urban art across the city. New pieces of artwork are appearing on Roman walls all the time and this app alerts you each time they do.

The Fork

Are you a fanatical foodie? Rome is definitely a great place for tourists like you. There are so many great Roman dishes worth trying during your stay. Whether it’s pasta carbonara, Roman tripe, a hearty oxtail stew or delicious Roman and Jewish artichokes, there are lots of traditional treats lurking on the menus of the city’s best eateries.

The Fork is a highly convenient app for travelers who like to eat out at authentic, genuine restaurants and avoid those so-called ‘tourist trap’ establishments. It offers authentic reviews of each restaurant listed, and allows you to book a table online directly through the app – no need for any awkward telephone calls!

Probus Rome

If you are planning a big night out in Rome, it’s not easy to rely on the bus network. It’s almost a daily occurrence that Rome’s buses are incredibly unreliable, but the beauty of the network is that buses do venture to all four corners of the city. When they do operate on time, buses are a great way to get around, particularly with each having air conditioning – an absolute godsend in the summer months.

The Probus Rome app is a very popular choice to help you plan your journey to and from nightlife. The app offers real-time updates on routes and, even if your bus is late, the app should be able to tell you where it is and how long it’ll be before it gets to you.

WiFi Italia

As a millennial or Gen Z tourist, the chances are you’ll need internet connectivity on your travels in Rome. If you don’t have an Italian SIM card, secure public Wi-Fi networks will be your best friend. Wi-Fi Italia is a popular app that finds and connects your smartphone to only the best free Italian Wi-Fi networks.

It’s all part of a project led by the country’s Ministry of Economic Development. Download and install the Wi-Fi Italia app and once you’re logged in the app will continually scan and sign in to federated networks. Within the WiFi Italia app you’ll find a map which plots all the available public Wi-Fi networks throughout Rome and beyond.


Ever watched locals weaving in and out of the Roman traffic on a Vespa and felt jealous? Thanks to the Scooterino app you can now experience life on two wheels. This groundbreaking journey-sharing app allows tourists to hop aboard with a local who is heading in the same direction. You can pay the locals for their inconvenience directly through the app, with no need to deal with cash upon pick-up or drop-off.

This is actually one of the most eco efficient ways to explore central Rome. Tourists are able to effectively half their emissions by traveling with a local. Getting around via scooter is also an authentic way to experience Roman nightlife.

Spotted By Locals

There’s nothing better than visiting a new city and getting recommendations on demand from people who know the area like the backs of their hands. Spotted By Locals is a fantastic initiative which enables locals to provide genuine, verified advice for first-time visitors in more than 65 major cities worldwide.

Rome is one of the exclusive club of cities covered. There are multiple active ‘Spotters’ on the app who live in Rome, each providing regular updates of best things to do in Rome and places to try. Every recommendation is pinned to a real-time map, making it quick and convenient to find them on foot or via public transport.

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