100 Presepi at the Vatican: Rome’s holiday season must-see


100 nativity scenes from all over Rome, Italy and the world are on display under the Colonnade of St. Peter’s Square

Perhaps more than any other holiday, Christmas has a great deal of iconography that you cannot escape when the season rolls around. You can’t miss the lights, the trees, the wreathes, the Santas, the cookies, the presents, the candy canes, the gingerbread man, and of course, the nativity scenes. Just as every Christmas tree is different, so is every nativity scene. You can find them in houses, you can find them in yards. Some are made for mouses, others as big as cars. In fact, there is a beautiful, large one right in Saint Peter’s Square. And if you happen to be in the neighborhood, you absolutely cannot miss the 100 Presepi (or 100 Nativity Scenes) display, under the Colonnade of St. Peter’s Square. 

Starting from December 9th, you’ll be able to admire 100 nativity scenes on display. Regardless of your religious inclinations, this is an event not to be missed. The display showcases nativity scenes from 17 different countries across the globe. The inauguration will take place on Friday, 8 December, at 4pm.

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100 presepi – nativity scene display in Roome

In fact, the depictions of the nativity even change setting. While some may take place in the Middle East, others take place in rural Italy. Several even take place in Rome of the 1800s. One in particular even takes place in near-modern-day Croatia. One scene doesn’t even depict the nativity itself, but rather a Medieval nativity reenactment.

Some scenes are constructed by children, others by craftsmen. Some are kitschy, others could be displayed in an art museum. Some scenes are hyper-realistic, others are abstract. Some are near life size, others could fit in your wallet. Some are two dimensional, but most are 3D. 

100 presepi – nativity scene display in Roome

You will find nativities in all manner of materials including vinyl records, styrofoam, wood, seashells, candles, pasta, and more. Some are whimsical and fun. Some are extremely elaborate and create entire worlds. You will be shocked at how large some of these displays appear, and how many details their creators have included. Some even have moving parts including bells, running water, and animatronics.

Truly a sight to be seen and not one to be skipped if you’re in Rome for the holiday season, the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization’s 100 Presepi display is a wonderful way to welcome in the Christmas spirit. If you already happen to be taking a trip to Vatican City or St. Peter’s Square, it makes a delightful accompaniment. 

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Via dell’Ospedale 1, Roma, Lazio, Italia


Under the Colonnade of St. Peter’s Square

Opening time

From 8 December 2023 till 7 January, 2024
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