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Get out of the comfort zone and onto the stage!

It’s about getting back to the sandbox,” says Terianne Falcone, discussing Acting in English’s approach. “People get freaked out about the unknown but any kid knows that’s the most interesting — not to mention, the most fun! — place to go.” And the unknown, unexpected, and unpredictable is just where New York-trained teacher and actress Falcone intends to take you with two acting courses and a workshop that will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and become a more authentic performer.

Acting in English Rome Terianne FalconeWhether you are a beginner, an advanced actor or entirely new to acting and simply ready to push yourself in a new direction, Falcone promises that the courses at Acting in English will be fun and liberating but also, at times, uncomfortable. She uses the analogy of fruit flies trapped in a jar.

At first, the flies try to get out, crushing their wings against the glass. But soon they grow accustomed to flying under the lid so that when the lid is removed, they continue to fly under the opening. The fruit flies are free to leave the glass jar, but they limit their own flight range, thus imprisoning themselves. “The comfort zone is comfortable, but not fun and not creative,” adds Terianne.

Let go of the comfort of what you know and nurture your creativity as you discover new reaches of your acting talent with Acting in English. Falcone’s advice to “make mistakes, excavate what’s inside, and follow your impulses,” is just as applicable to life on stage as off.


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More courses and shows coming up throughout the spring and early summer!

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