Any Given Monday – Rome’s Monday Nightlife

Any Given Monday - Rome's Monday Nightlife
Any Given Monday

The latest season of Rome’s Monday night parties kicks off at the Teatro Centrale.

Who said Monday nights are for staying at home? Any Given Mondays’ parties have been infusing the Italian capital with energy since 2009. Picture this: a unique blend of indie-rock, pop, reggaeton, electronic, house, and techno music ­– it’s a Monday night out like no other.

Any Given Mondays’ nights are known for welcoming a diverse crowd: from students to hipsters, to artists, Rome’s intellectual crowd, Erasmus students, the most dedicated club enthusiasts and even DJs and musicians… Any Given Mondays is universally acknowledged as the go-to Monday night out in Rome.

Any Given Monday - Rome's Monday Nightlife

Any Given Monday, or AGM, made its debut on 12 October 2009 at Locanda Atlantide, an underground venue in the historic San Lorenzo neighbourhood, near Rome’s La Sapienza University. Right from the start, a magical aura took hold of those four walls… and a promising beginning quickly transformed into a dazzling journey.

Since then, Any Given Monday has come a long way, becoming Rome’s most beloved Monday night party. After a long stay at the iconic Qube, Rome’s quintessential nightclub, AGM ventured other renowned venues, such as Rome Vintage, Bosco delle Fragole, Quirinetta, Nour Bar, Planet, and more.

AGM 2023 Season at Teatro Centrale in Rome

Any Given Monday - Rome's Monday Nightlife

And here we are today, entering the era of the Teatro Centrale, just steps away from Piazza Venezia. Built at the beginning of the last century, this venue is the perfect stage for AGM. It is certainly cleaner and more polished than the San Lorenzo venue in 2009, smaller than the QUBE in 2012, but with the same unchanged and unchanging essence.

AGM’s 15-year journey spans nearly a thousand unforgettable Mondays, each one lived as a mission: on Mondays we party, be it rain or shine, in the warmth of summer or the chill of winter, through joys and challenges.

The walls of Teatro Centrale now house AGM’s legendary nights, welcoming those eager to experience the dazzling beauty of Rome on a Monday night.


This venue seems to have been tailor-built for this weekly event, way back in the 1900s. Here, everyone can find their place: the youth filling the stalls, and the seasoned veterans watching from the gallery above.

In Rome’s vibrant nightlife scene, one thing is certain: Monday in Rome is synonymous with Any Given Monday, and every single Monday night, if you’re in the mood to celebrate, a fantastic party awaits you.

Are you ready for the FIFTEENTH season of AGM?

Every Monday night at Teatro Centrale

Via Celsa, 6 (Piazza Venezia)

Entry fee 5€


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