Rome Techno Guide

Rome Techno Guide

The Best Techno Clubs in Rome

Everyone knows Rome as the city of history and culture. However, in addition to an extensive list of museums, and architectural monuments, Rome also positions itself as the place to be when it comes to the Italian techno scene. The city that gave origin to music talents like Donato Dozzy or Luigi Tozzi also sports a wide variety of nightlife options. From trance or house to heavy techno sounds, there is really something for everybody if one knows where to look.


Via di Portonaccio 23 | cieloterraroma

Rome Techno Guide

When looking at the Roman underbelly, Cieloterra is a great spot! A no-frills, post-industrial space perfectly fits the atmosphere of pure and raw musical energy. Parties there are usually centred around House and Techno, yet occasionally one can also find alternative and experimental sounds. A perfect place to just forget about everything and dance for the whole night, as other than the outdoor terrace there is not even that much space for socializing. Depending on the night one or two dance floors are active with the main one usually blasting heavier and faster beats and the other being more mellow and relaxed. Cieloterra is a great place to observe local talent as the DJs playing there are usually from Rome and around. Parties usually start after 11pm and last up to 6am.

Forte Antenne

Via del Forte Antenne 12 | forteantenne/

Located on a hill, inside an old military fort, behind Villa Ada SavoiaForte Antenne, is one of the few places in Rome focused solely on electronic music. Their line-ups consist mainly of local DJs representing a variety of subgenres.  The atmospheric location, an open and engaging crowd, amazing music and reasonable prices make this place one of the best locations for all the techno-lovers out there. The only drawback is getting there, as it requires either ordering a taxi or being ready for a short hike. On the other hand, when leaving the club in the early morning hours, you are welcomed with a beautiful sunrise in the empty and fog-coated Villa Ada Savoia.

Angelo Mai

Viale delle Terme di Caracalla |

Occupied Rome. Where party revellers are world changers

Originally founded as a collective of actors, musicians, entertainers and cultural practitioners, Angelo Mai carved itself a niche in the saturated scene of Roman nightlife. The events they put together are quite varied, with the music spanning from Techno, House and Trance to R&B and Pop. It is definitely a place to see the local DJs and bands. Sometimes they organize label nights with one particular label being in charge of the music for the whole night. Angelo Mai also puts a lot of attention into inclusivity and the people working there really make sure that everyone feels safe and welcomed. Overall, a great place to hang out with the locals and try to soak in the alternative face of Rome. It is important to remember that in addition to the entrance fee it is necessary to possess the Circolo Arci card. It can be easily purchased at the entrance for around 8 euros. It is a one-time purchase and the card can be reused for other parties at Angelo Mai as well as other places associated with Circolo Arci for a whole year.

Occupied Rome: social centers in Rome


Via della Vasca Navale, 6 |

Occupied Rome. Where party revellers are world changers

Acrobax is one of many occupied spaces located within the city of Rome. The scope of their activities goes well beyond parties and music and is definitely worth looking into on its own. However, on the nightlife side of things, they organize some of the best Jungle, Trance and D&B parties in the city. It is the place to be for the fans of heavy basslines. During the night the dancefloor is split between those facing the DJ and those hugging the great wall of speakers, which if you stand too close to, makes your whole body vibrate. Acrobax is also worth checking out just for the space itself. Located within a semi- abandoned sports complex, the atmosphere it creates perfectly complements the underground nature of the party.

Circolo Degli Illuminati

Via Giuseppe Libetta, 1 |

Rome Techno Guide

Located in Ostiense, Circolo Degli Illuminati is definitely one of the most popular and recognizable clubs in Rome. While not focused solely on electronic music like other members of this list, it is definitely worth checking out. Divided into three dancefloors with the main one playing House and Tech-House beats, Room02 blasting hip-hop and pop music and Room 3 being used as the chill/relax area. The Club hosted some of the biggest names in the electronic music scene like Ricardo Villalobos, Oliver Koletzki or Tobi Neumann. In case you are hungry there is also a restaurant named Azienda operating within the club premises, open Thursday-Sunday. A place worth checking out for dinner with friends accompanied by mellow beats and good cocktails.

Rome Nightlife Guide: NightClubs For Dancing


Via degli Argonauti, 16 |

Rashõmon is located just next to Circolo Degli Illuminati. Chic, post-industrial setting and a wide selection of music make it a stop on the Roman nightclub scene. Inside one can find two dance floors, places to relax and an outdoor patio. The club itself feels very similar to the ones one can find in nearly every country in Europe. Nevertheless, its recurring parties like Resistance or Jack Your Body make this club definitely worth visiting. Music is quite consistent, mostly centred around Techno.

Neo Club

Via degli Argonauti, 18 | neoclubroma/

Rome Techno Guide

Neo Club attracts similar crowds as Circolo Degli Illuminati and Rashõmon. Seasoned techno-goers party hand in hand with people who just want to have a good time. Definitely one of the most “commercial” clubs on this list, yet still worth knowing. Their regular series of events Beatland could be a nice choice for people looking to dance on a Thursday night.

Techno.Roma and Neon

techno.roma | GiaNeon/

Rome Techno Guide

Both Neon and Techno.Roma are not clubs but promoters and event agencies. Parties organized by one or the other hosted such names as Jeff Mills, Nina Kravitz, David Clarke or Marcel Dettmann. They make use of many different spaces inside the city and its outskirts. For instance, Techno.Roma regularly organizes an event called Techno.Farm which takes place outside of Rome. Partygoers have an opportunity to enjoy a rave that usually continues up until noon of the next day, all under the open sky and surrounded by nature. On the other hand, Neon is more city based. Their main two locations are Spazio 900 – a beautiful event venue located in the heart of the EUR and, during the summer time, the square surrounding Palazzo dei Congressi.

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