Where to shop in Rome’s Monteverde Neighborhood

Best Shops in Monteverde

The Best Shops In Monteverde

Monteverde boasts an array of authentic shops offering unique finds. From artisanal crafts to jewellery, Monteverde has something for everyone. Here’s a guide to the best shops in the Monteverde neighborhood, perfect for a bit of retail therapy.


Via Lorenzo Valla, 40/A

Best Shops in Monteverde

Not just a simple jewellery shop, Lumina also hosts art exhibitions and jewellery classes with a focus on connecting people through art and creativity. Caterina and Sara, the owners, truly believe art techniques shouldn’t be a secret but instead a means to reconnect to old goldsmith traditions.

FEM Design Studio

Via di Ponziano, 29 – 31

Best Shops in Monteverde

This innovative space created by two businesses, Flovver and Madlen Ceramics, combines floral styling and ceramic art, both with a contemporary style. They sell their art and provide services on request, also organizing courses on these two crafts and how to connect to natural elements through art.

Lo Spazio dell’Arte e Sartoria

Via G. Cavalcanti, 27

Best Shops in Monteverde Vecchio

After studying abroad in London, Elena followed her dream in fashion and opened her studio where she expresses her creativity in designing and making unique dresses on request and for sale. She is passionate about using fashion as a means to connect and engage with people as part of a community.

Derrick Jones Studio

Via Andrea Busiri Vici, 12


Derrick Jones Studio is a creative haven. Explore a world where artistic wonders come to life, offering trendy and distinctive apparel. Discover unique pieces that seamlessly blend creativity and functionality, crafted by Derrick Jones himself.

Shop Derrick Jones

Anna Gobbi

Via Raffaello Giovagnoli, 18

Best Shops in Monteverde

Anna Gobbi is an exquisite fusion of creativity and style, inviting you to immerse yourself in the captivating realm of handcrafted fashion.

I love Ceramica

Via Paolo Maria Martinez, 11A/B

Best Shops in Monteverde

I Love Ceramica is a ceramic store in the heart of Monteverde. Specializing in crafting unique pieces, they also offer classes, allowing you to unleash your creativity in the world of ceramics.

Shop I Love Ceramica

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