Things To Do In Rome’s Monteverde Neighborhood

Villa Sciarra Monteverde

Discover the green neighborhood of Rome through its best places to eat, drink, relax, and see as told by the locals

Bordering the famous, touristic neighborhood of Trastevere, Monteverde Vecchio starts west of the River Tiber, overlooking Ostiense and Aventtino to the east. It is an oasis of tranquillity, away from the chaotic center. Yet, it is full of life, bustling with families and local businesses. Here, you are surrounded by people born and raised in this very proud, Roman corner of the Eternal City

It is blessed with large, relaxing open spaces such as Villa Pamphilj and Gianicolo hill. The grandeur of Villa Pamphilj and the picturesque gardens make this public park more than just a green space; it is an immersive experience. Walking through its vast expanse, the well-maintained paths create a peaceful retreat. Villa Sciarra is another wonderful park with gardens, fountains, and sculptures, adding another layer of calm to the Monteverde experience.

villa Sciarra, Monteverde

For those in search of a breathtaking panorama of Rome, the Fontana dell’Acqua Paola is a must-visit. Perched on the Gianicolo hill, this iconic fountain not only serves as a picturesque backdrop but also offers panoramic views that are nothing short of mesmerizing. As the day transitions to evening, the Gianicolo Terrace becomes a captivating stage for sunset.

Before it became what it is today, Monteverde is believed to have been covered with vineyards, where the white and red “vinello” (light wine) typical of Monteverde, was produced.

When walking around this special neighborhood, take the chance to visit local businesses which make this area so unique as they bring people together and maintain the community spirit. Locals will be proud to tell you about how their neighborhood has been home to famous Italian and international artists, past and present, and to point you in the direction of their favorite places to eat. In fact, the restaurant and bar scene reflects its traditional roots but with innovative and vibrant options, and Monteverde Vecchio holds its own against other already established culinary neighborhoods.

Neighbourhoods of Rome

Discover the coolest places in Monteverde: best restaurants, bars and shops

Pottery Workshop in Rome for Beginners in Monteverde

Join local pottery artisans for the exciting workshop at their studio in Monteverde to learn how to work with raw clay, pottery wheel, and glaze. Try making a bowl with your own hands and decorate it expressing your imagination!

Must-See In Monteverde Vecchio

Piazzale Garibaldi, Monteverde
Piazzale Garibaldi, picture by Benedetta Pazzola

Piazzale Garibaldi

From Piazzale Garibaldi on Gianicolo Hill, enjoy a 360​​° view of Rome. Don’t forget the traditional cannon fires from here daily at noon. Further on is the wall of the 1849 Constitution of the Roman Republic. If it is too difficult to read all 69 engraved articles, the panorama might be more satisfying.

Villa Sciarra, Monteverde
Villa Sciarra, picture by Benedetta Pazzola

Villa Sciarra

Surrounded by Art Nouveau villas you will find the park of Villa Sciarra, encircled by the Gianicolense Walls. It offers 7 hectares of greenery, dotted with statues of animals and fantasy creatures such as satyrs who observe the park’s visitors and seem to protect the place that gave them life.

Villa Pamphili, Monteverde
Villa Pamphilj, picture by Benedetta Pazzola

Villa Pamphili

No visit is complete without strolling through Villa Pamphili Park. If you can’t explore it all, don’t feel guilty. At 184 hectares, it is the largest park in Rome. If you do plan to spend a whole day here, you can regain energy at the Vivi Bistrot inside the park, offering organic food and drinks.

Villa Ozpetek Monteverde
Abandoned Villa, picture by Benedetta Pazzola

Villas of Monteverde

Strolling around Monteverde Vecchio, you will see more Art Nouveau villas. These buildings with eclectic and romantic features once housed many distinguished artists. One that’ll get your attention is a mysterious abandoned villa in Via Poerio, made famous by the Italian movie “Magnifica Presenza”.

Local Experiences in Monteverde


Pottery Workshop for Beginners

Join local pottery artisans for the exciting workshop at their studio in Monteverde to learn how to work with raw clay, pottery wheel, and glaze. Try making a bowl with your own hands and decorate it expressing your imagination!


The artisan walking tour of Rome’s Monteverde

Discover local artisans with a private tour of hidden boutiques and unique designer studios in the green and peaceful district of Rome’s Monteverde. A guide will walk you through four locations and introduce you to four craftsmen: jewellers, potters, tailors and mosaic artists.

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