Blackmarket Monti

Black Market Monti - Rome

Live Music, Cocktail bar and Bistrot in Rome

For those of you wanting to discover an authentic underground venue in Rome without a line of wannabe hipsters out the front, Blackmarket might be the spot for you.

This place is located in the heart of Rione Monti and features a raw venue with dim lighting, second hand vintage furniture and an array of nooks and crannies perfect for curling up into and enjoying a great glass of wine or a mixology cocktail. Blackmarket is also offering up its own limited edition beer.


Each week Blackmarket hosts an array of cultural events, ranging from intimate Indie Rock gigs, book presentations, live DJ sets and art exhibitions. Most popular for its unplugged sessions (, patrons can get comfy on a cushion and enjoy the sounds of hand-picked bands, with the chance of winning a one-off graphic designed event poster. Events here are forever changing, so be sure to keep updated via its Facebook page Blackmarket or just rock up and be pleasantly surprised!


To delight your taste buds too, you can now journey through the new and improved sit down menu, which will take you through the best Italian tradition with bruschetta (try the salmon or swordfish variations), buffalo mozzarella, raw food and salads. When the going gets tough, the burgers get going: don’t miss the house special 250 gr. “Blackmarket Burger” (featuring charcoal bread and truffle flavoured caciotta cheese) or the new Fish or Chicken Burger. If you are craving something sweet, you can pick your little treat from a range of muffins, brownies or handmade biscuits, perfect for an afternoon snack too. And if your conscience is complaining after this visit to guilty-pleasure-land, you can always detox with a healthy fruit and veg smoothie.

Blackmarket Monti prefers quality over quantity and wants to offer its guests selected dishes rather than the usual aperitivo, so forget about pizza and supplì after work. You can still enjoy a delicious buffet on Sunday evenings (Eur 10, drink+buffet), or request it for private meetings or parties. Through the whole week the kitchen is open until 2 a.m.

Black Market Monti - Rome

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Via Panisperna, 101 (Monti)

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T. 339.8227541

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