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Blackmarket Hall Bars in Monti

Original drinks, food and live music in Monti

It seems as if Romans cannot get enough of the Black Market, as a third Blackmarket cocktail bar and lounge opened in Monti in early 2019 due to popular demand. Blackmarket Hall, with its romantic lighting, secret rooms, and uncanny resemblance to a roaring-twenties speakeasy, welcomes mixology-enthusiasts, foodies, and music-lovers alike.

Blackmarket Hall Bars in Monti
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Held in by the thick velvet curtains, dark wood surfaces, and red walls, Black Market Hall is an atmospheric experience where you can let your hair down and enjoy quality refreshments. The creators at Blackmarket have truly achieved how to make a space feel inviting and intimate, from the decor to the menu, and although the hall is just a short walk from the Colosseum, walking in will feel like you’ve stepped into a secret.

Blackmarket Hall Rome

Black Market Hall is made up of two stories, multiple secret rooms, and a garden seating area, complete with heat lamps, where you can enjoy a cocktail in the nighttime breeze and with a view of the expert mixologists working their magic at the main bar. But, of course, Black Market Hall isn’t all looks and atmosphere; here, they take cocktails seriously. The cocktail menu has everything from classic long drinks to Blackmarket-original beverages – one of our favorites being the Gewurtztra-Cobbler (Gewürztraminer, Tio Pepe, peach honey, pineapple, rasberry, lemon) and the Coco Loco (Olmeca Altos tequila plata, Vida Del Maguey mezcal, passion fruit agave syrup, lime, watermelon soda, black salt crusta).


The hall doesn’t skimp out on food either. There is a full menu, from hearty burgers to eclectic small plates to share, that is sure to please. Vegetarians and vegans aren’t forgotten about here, as there are whole sections of the menu dedicated to plant-based eaters so everyone at Blackmarket Hall can partake in the experience. Everyday till 8pm, aperitivo is served where customers can enjoy a free drink with each tasting plate, so you can experience the nuances of both the food and drink menu. If you miss this, the kitchen is open until midnight.

blackmarket-live music

Black Market Hall doesn’t stop at food and drink. Usually on Wednesday, live musicians frequent the hall and match its jazzy ambience.

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Via de Ciancaleoni, 31 (Monti)

Opening time

Mon – Sat 6pm – 2am; Sun 5.30pm – 1.30am


339 735 1926


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