Dog-Friendly Travel: How to Visit Rome with Your Dog

Dog-Friendly Travel: How to Visit Rome with Your Dog

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, known for its stunning architecture, authentic cuisine, and world-renowned art. But did you know it’s also a dog-friendly city?

Many places in Rome welcome dogs, and more and more travelers are visiting the city with their furry friends. From a relaxing dog spa day to a Vespa ride, there is so much to do with your best friend in Rome.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to visit Rome with your dog, where to stay, and the best pet-friendly places to eat.

Accommodation: finding a place to stay with your dog

When it comes to dog-friendly accommodation in Rome, you’ve got three choices:

  • Airbnb
  • Hotel
  • Camping

Dog-friendly Airbnbs in Rome

There are plenty of pet-friendly Airbnbs in Rome, and many are right in the heart of the action. Walkability is key when you’re traveling with a dog, so make sure to check the distance to attractions when finding a pet-friendly rental.

Some of the top-rated pet Airbnbs in Rome come stocked with treats, food, and toys for your furry friend, as well as necessities like air conditioning and outdoor balcony space.

Dog-friendly hotels in Rome

For the VIP treatment, you can’t beat the Rome Cavalieri resort. Your dog will get a five-star experience, including a dedicated dog menu, leisurely walking paths, and a personalized shopping experience at their BAUtique so you can both look great while traveling.

The resort is set on fifteen acres of parkland, so there’s plenty of space to walk and relax. Plus, the resort has a spa for both you and your pet to get a massage and hair treatment!

Dog-friendly campsites in Rome

You probably don’t think of camping when picturing Rome, but there are some fantastic campsites that welcome dogs. There are campsites near Rome, like the Fabulous Village just outside the Decima Malafede Nature Reserve, for something off the beaten track.

The resort has a pool, plenty of open space, and cabins that are perfect for families. It’s a more affordable option than staying in the city, and the resorts are within a train ride to Rome.

Restaurants: where to eat with your dog

visit rome with dog

It’s surprising how many restaurants in Italy are pet-friendly. In the center of the city, you’ll find countless outdoor terraces that welcome dogs and plenty of cafes and eateries with dog-friendly options.

If you want an authentic taste of Rome, head to Supplizio Roma. Styled like a rustic living room, you’ll be served traditional Roman cuisine freshly prepared by a talented chef. Dogs are welcome, and they will definitely enjoy the fresh meatballs.

For street food, Trapizzino is another great option. The pizzas here are world-class, and your furry friend will be welcomed in.

For the evenings, visit the rooftop Garden & Bar at Atlante Star Hotel. You’ll get panoramic views of Vatican City and a fantastic cocktail list, and dogs are welcome to join. During the day, they also serve afternoon tea for guests and their pups.

Sightseeing: what to see in Rome with your furry friend

You can’t visit Rome with your pet without going on a pet-friendly Vespa tour of the city. Vespa Sidecar rents adorable Vespas with dedicated sidecars for your dog. The professional drivers lead the tours and will take you around all the highlights of the city.

Dogs look adorable in their sidecars, so it’s a great photo op, and other tourists will swoon over your cute friend riding shotgun.

You’ll also see many tourists walking around with dogs and seeing the sights on foot. Just make sure to take breaks during the hottest parts of the day and carry water to keep your pooch hydrated in the summer.

Dog parks: where to let your dog run free

There are tons of parks that welcome dogs dotted throughout Rome. One of the most popular is Circus Maximus Chariot Racetrack. It’s the city’s most scenic park and an off-leash spot for dogs to run free.

It’s usually pretty busy, so be ready for other dogs to come running up to you. You’ll find spots for your dog to have a drink and plenty of shade on the walking paths running alongside the ancient ruins.

Tiber Island is another great place to take your dog for a stroll. Across Rome’s oldest original bridge, this island is tranquil with plenty of space for your dog to run around the shores.

Dog-friendly things to do in and around Rome

Luckily, most of the popular tourist attractions in Rome are dog-friendly. So, whether you want a picture near the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, or Piazza Della Rotonda, you’ll be able to take your pooch.

However, tourist spots in Rome are notoriously busy. While we humans can withstand the heat of waiting in line, dogs can’t. Your best bet is to visit at sunrise when it’s cool and quiet.

Dogs aren’t allowed inside the Colosseum, but they can walk around the grounds of the amphitheater outside.

Many locals take their babies to St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City to hold up to the Pope’s apartment to get blessed. This is a cute photo op for your dog, and since Pope Francis shares his name with the patron saint of animals, it seems like a good fit.

As well as the main tourist spots, don’t forget to visit the old Roman neighborhoods. The winding cobbled streets and beautiful street art can’t be missed, and your dog will enjoy a stroll around in the shade.


Nothing beats traveling with your dog. Our pets are only in our lives for a short time, so getting to make memories with them on trips is a great feeling.

So many people are surprised to learn how dog-friendly the city of Rome is, but it’s the perfect place to go on an adventure with your dog. With delicious food, wide-open parks, and the cutest photo opportunities, you’ll both have the time of your lives.

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