best restaurants to dine al fresco in rome

Outdoor Restaurants in Rome

Rome’s divine weather and picturesque scenery make it an ideal spot to dine al fresco. Why be cooped up inside when you can bask in the sun or sip Prosecco by candlelight? Here is our round-up of the city’s best outdoor dining experiences to let you savor the Roman summer in all its glory.


Unique al Palatino Garden Restaurant: an oasis in the heart of Rome

Unique al Palatino Garden Restaurant

Via di San Teodoro, 48

Step inside Unique al Palatino Garden Restaurant to immerse yourself in a dreamlike atmosphere: ancient olive trees and citrus trees hidden by the clamor of the city. This restaurant will be your oasis of peace to taste delicious flavors in a candlelit dinner. Order the delicate lemon scented tagliolini with artichokes and shrimps or the wholesome ravioli in meat broth.

fafiuche restaurant rome monti


Via della Madonna dei Monti, 28
06 699 0968

An intimate space designed for dinner, aperitif, or to simply browse through their impressive offering of products, with only few tables outside. Come by for dinner to indulge in authentic dishes from Puglia and Piedmont. If you want to taste a perfectly-made parmigiana this is the place. And don’t leave without trying the riso patate e cozze.


Cuoco e Camicia

Via Di Monte Polacco, 2
06 8892 2987

Tucked away in a quiet corner, just a stone’s throw away from the heart of Monti, you’ll find the cozy Cuoco e Camicia. Seasonal products, a lovely service and a delicious menu that stays true to Italian origins while giving them a creative twist. Definitely don’t leave without having tried the ravioli filled with carbonara! If the weather allows, sipping a glass of wine on Cuoco e Camicia’s charming al fresco tables sitting on a cozy cobblestoned street is just the cherry on top of the cake.  

The best restaurants with outdoor seating in Rome

Alle Carrette

Via Madonna dei Monti, 95

If you need to fulfil that pizza craving, search no more. Footsteps from the Roman Forum in a cobblestoned street in the Monti district, you’ll find the renowned Alle Carrette. Delicious thin-crust pizza cooked in a wooden oven, fast and friendly service and a great price-quality ratio. Once you’ve tried their fritti, it’s a guarantee you’ll be back for more. And the best part? It’s one of the few places in Monti where you can eat al fresco both in the winter and in the summer. Cheers to that!


Piazzetta Alfredo: outdoor dining in Rome's centro storico

Alfredo alla Scrofa

Via della Scrofa, 104/A

Just in front of the iconic Alfredo alla Scrofa restaurant you’ll find “Piazzetta Alfredo” – an outdoor oasis that was once a parking lot and a meeting point. Not only can you dine there, but also sit down, relax, and write poetry while sipping a cocktail (the exclusive Alfredo’s Cup is a great one). Order the legendary Fettuccine Alfredo, the vignarola or the yummy cotoletta alla milanese.

il marchese dehor copia

Il Marchese

Via di Ripetta, 12

Il Marchese is an exquisite bar with elegant French salon accents and pompous chandeliers, but also a restaurant with the coziness of a Roman trattoria. But the decor isn’t everything: Il Marchese creates their magnificent dishes and signature cocktails with the desire to fuse together two different souls and create a unique and surprising balance of contrasts. Il Marchese is also Europe’s first Amaro bar with more than 500 different liqueur labels.

Adelaide restaurant in Rome's Palazzo Borghese


Via dell’Arancio, 69

The restaurant at Hotel Vilòn, named Adelaide in honor of Princess Borghese, has stunning open-air courtyard where the essence of Mediterranean cuisine mixes with Roman traditions with creative twists. Here, the union between simplicity and passion, gives rise to flavours that evoke nostalgic childhood memories and the enthralling scents of the sea.


Osteria dell’Ingegno

Piazza di Pietra, 45

In the shadow of the majestic temple of Hadrian, you will find Osteria dell’Ingegno with its beautiful outside space in Piazza di Pietra. Since 1997, for over 20 years, the Osteria has been one of the few places in the center where one can truly feel at home, because the host will remember your name once you go back. The menu is based on traditional and seasonal Italian cuisine with a flair of ingegno. The wine list has over 300 wines.

osteria delle coppelle

Osteria delle Coppelle

Piazza delle Coppelle, 54/55/56

If you’re looking somewhere authentic to eat in the historic center (a notoriously difficult task) this is your restaurant. Coppelle dishes out Roman classics like rigatoni alla griciasaltimbocca alla romana, and polpette al sugo, but if you’re craving lighter fare to balance out the summer heat, look for their tuna tartare with avocado or try their “cicchetti“, small tastings of different dishes. People watch at the outdoor tables overlooking the characteristic Piazza delle Coppelle.

Maccheroni restaurant Rome


Piazza delle Coppelle, 44

Right across from “osteria delle coppelle” you will find this hidden gem. Named after the familiar pasta style known all around the world, Maccheroni is your typical Roman restaurant with a diverse selection of dishes to choose from. With an outside seating area as well, you’ll be feeling like a local in no time.

ginger roma

Ginger Sapori e Salute

Via Borgognona 43-46
Piazza Sant’Eustachio, 54-55
06.96036390 | 06.6864995

A favorite place among locals of all ages, Ginger is a healthy option that you can rely on when in Rome. With two locations, Ginger has been a solid eatery option while cruising the centro storico. Especially great vegetarian and vegan options, this is a location you’ll want to try if you’re looking for big salads, rich soups, and healthy beverages to accompany your meal.


Ristorante Due Ladroni

Piazza Nicosia, 24

This dining spot footsteps from Piazza Navona is a guarantee when it comes to seafood. The setting is simple and elegant, and has remained the same through the decades. Order the tuna tartare with avocado as a starter, followed by the juicy spigola in crosta di patate. The wine selection is spectacular, with the best of Italian wine labels to choose from. The atmosphere, the food and the friendly service make it a must-stop for seafood lovers. Reservations are musts.




Via Ponte Quattro Capi ,17-18 (Isola Tiberina)

Cross the Ponte Fabricio, Rome’s oldest and only original bridge, to the Isola Tiberina and take a seat under the sun at Il Tiberino, a gem in the center of Rome. Situated in between the Ghetto and Trastevere, the terrace overlooks the beautiful Basilica San Bartolomeo all’Isola, built over the ruins of a millennia-old Roman temple. At Il Tiberino, enjoy some people watching, good food and friendly service before walking down the stairs for a walk on the Tiber River. A must for those looking for a stylish Roman experience. 

Mare Nostrum Seafood Restaurant in Trastevere

Mare Nostrum Seafood Restaurant

Via Aurelio Saffi, 7

Mare Nostrum Seafood is in Trastevere by circumstance, Sicilian by origin, and Mediterranean by choice, for it welcomes all cultures and traditions that the Mediterranean touches. Rome, while not being a city directly by the sea, certainly doesn’t lack seafood restaurants. And yet, Mare Nostrum is truly one of a kind. The recipes are relatively simple (“relatively” is up for interpretation depending on the dish here!), but able to stir the soul and spark emotions. Starting with the produce, which is always very fresh, local, and hand-chosen directly by the Mare Nostrum staff every day. The restaurant has a cozy indoor room and an outdoor space for a total of 30 seats, so reservations are highly encouraged.

trattoria da teo roma

Da Teo

Piazza dei Ponziani, 7

This popular trattoria tucked away in a quieter corner of Trastevere, opens up onto a quaint little piazza where tables are arranged underneath a dreamy canopy illuminated with white lights. Enjoy the classic Roman primi and secondi dishes like amatriciana, carbonara, and saltimbocca, and expect friendly and efficient service.

Jacopa rooftop


Via Jacopa de’ Settesoli, 7

On top of Hotel San Francesco lies Jacopa, a refined rooftop restaurant and cocktail bar offering panoramic views of Rome, including the Aventine hill and Trastevere’s rooftops. Indulge in a delightful aperitivo menu featuring options like happy hour boards, mini buns, sardines, steamed octopus, 180g hamburgers, and delicious desserts.

The best restaurants for outdoor dining in Rome


Piazza di San Giovanni della Malva, 14

Dominating the characteristic Piazza dI San Giovanni della Malva in Trastevere, Bacco stands apart for its pastel colors and delicious smells. Not limited to Roman cuisine, Bacco also offers Sicilian and Tuscan specialities. The menu and wine pages are very diverse, and they recently expanded their selection of brewed digestive liqueurs that will take you on an imaginary tasting tour throughout Italy.


Antica Pesa

Via Garibaldi, 18

Typical Roman dishes made from lovingly sourced ingredients make up this restaurant, housed in a grain storehouse that once belonged to the neighbouring Papal State. Its dining rooms have been graced by a whole host of celebrities in its time, and it remains a landmark for traditional Roman cuisine in the city. Its outdoor, terraced garden rounds out your elegant dining experience.

Roma Sparita

Piazza di Santa Cecilia, 24

Hailed by chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain as having “the best cacio e pepe in Rome” (their version is served in a crispy parmesan cheese bowl) this lovely little trattoria is a must for any good foodie. Their outdoor seating overlooks Piazza di Santa Cecilia in a tranquil part of the Trastevere neighborhood, away from the chaos. Make sure to make a reservation – it’s nearly impossible to snag a table without one!


Dining Al Fresco in Rome

L’Angolo Divino

Via dei Balestrari, 12-14

A wine shop and wine bar with a kitchen, L’Angolo Divino provides quality and professionalism. Here you will find incredible labels, Italian, French, and many others, with excellent value. In addition to the wine, there are boards of selected products and quick dishes which accompany every moment of the day. The special, somewhat romantic, is the aperitif at the newly organized tables in Piazza della Quercia, from which you can bask in the center of Rome, its buildings, and its incredible quiet charm.

ristorante pierluigi rome


Piazza de Ricci, 144
06 6861302

A favorite of A-list celebrities and moguls like Charlize Theron, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jamie Foxx, Pierluigi is where to go if you want to see and be seen. Besides its impressive clientele, the restaurant is also known for its outdoor seating on the historic Piazza de Ricci, as well as a spectacular menu that specializes in seafood. Reservations are a must!



Via Monte della Farina 28/29
06 6476 0475

Go to Emma to taste the real Roman thin and crispy-crusted pizza inside a modern interior space. Ingredients are as fresh as they get, and the quality is sky high. During the good season, sit down in their charming outdoor area and enjoy the Roman weather. Just a stone’s throw away from Largo Argentina, Emma is the perfect place for post sightseeing lunch, or for a yummy dinner before diving into Roman nightlife. The must-orders? Their margherita with buffalo mozzarella! Simple but golden!


Dining Al Fresco in Rome

Beppe e I suoi formaggi

Via di S. Maria del Pianto, 9A

A cheese shop with wine shop and kitchen. This is Beppe e i suoi formaggi in Rome’s Jewish Ghetto, a place that has become a mecca of taste for lovers of authentic artisanal products. In addition to shopping, not everyone knows that at Beppe’s you can also eat. The counter selection of the Giovale family’s homemade raw-milk Piedmontese cheeses can be transferred to plates and eaten at the small French-style tables scattered throughout the indoor and outdoor dining areas. Ask for a nice glass of natural wine, a board of good cheeses, some bruschetta, butter and anchovies and you won’t have to ask for anything else. 

The best restaurants in Rome to dine outdoors

Ba Ghetto

Via del Portico d’Ottavia, 57

Located in the main square of the Jewish Ghetto, Ba’Ghetto has nearly become a household name when it comes to Judaic Roman cuisine.  All the typical recipes are reinvented in a modern version. The wine list has a wide selection of Italian and Israeli labels, with tags from France, Chile and California. Grab a table outside and watch the sauntering foot traffic as your enjoy a generous serving of their famed fried artichoke.

piperno ristorante rome


Via Monte dè Cenci, 9
06 6880 6629

Tucked away in a quaint piazza in the Jewish Ghetto, this historical restaurant has been around since 1860, making it older than the unified Italian Republic. The restaurant offers exquisite, traditional Roman fare under the 19th century fresco painted ceilings. After a stroll in this beautiful neighbourhood, Piperno is the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy lunch or dinner al fresco on its charming cobblestone street. Don’t leave without ordering their fried antipasti and their costolette di abbacchio.


Baja Rome Restaurant


Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia

If you are after something on the unconventional side, look no further than Baja. A boat, a restaurant, and a cocktail bar all wrapped up in one, Baja literally floats on the Tiber River, and its sought after location makes for an exotic and luxurious dinner. Set sail on a mini-vacation from Rome, while you sip expertly mixed cocktails and nosh on Italian cuisine.

dining al fresco in Rome


Lungotevere Arnaldo Brescia, 2 (Popolo)

Inside the luxurious Palazzo Dama you’ll find Pacifico, a restaurant in between your traditional Italian lunch and Peruvian inspired dinner. Crystal chandeliers dominate the atmosphere but you may also dine outdoors in the beautiful poolside garden. The must-order? The ceviche.


Acquaroof Terrazza Molinari

Via del Vantaggio, 14

Linger over lunch, enjoy a perfectly-mixed cocktail for aperitivo and stay on for dinner at Acquaroof while taking in the breathtaking views of Rome. Located on the rooftop of The First Hotel, this restaurant offers stunning panoramic views of the Eternal City, paired with a sweeping menu. The focus is on seafood, with a rich selection of caviar, oysters, seafood crudités and more from their fish bar.

le serre by vivi rome

Le Serre by Vivi Bistrot

Via Decio Filipponi, 1

What’s better than being immersed in nature? Surrounded by a garden and plants in Monte Mario, Le Serre by Vivi Bistrot offers brunch, lunch, tea time, aperitivo, and dinner, so you can go at any time of the day. The restaurant is built within a former greenhouse and has a colorful outdoor area where you’ll be able to enjoy delicious Mediterranean cuisine mixed with subtle flavors from all over the world. 

hotel de russie lunch

Le Jardin de Russie

Via del Babuino, 9

If you’re after the classic hotel club sandwich or a light meal in a lush garden setting, head to Le Jardin de Russie at Hotel de Russie, right on the haute couture shopping street of Via del Babuino. During the good season, immerse yourself in the garden area for a brunch or light lunch, and sit back, relax and enjoy the tranquil oasis this hotel has to offer. It’s the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the Eternal City.


Mediterraneo @MAXXI

Via Guido Reni 4/A

MAXXI’s Mediterraneo restaurant has lots in store for its guests… starting with a fantastic menu, all the way to music and live entertainment. Gourmet Mediterranean food with a modern twist, with its roots in various cultures and traditions, a place where East meets West. Roman first dishes go from meat to seafood, and with a lighter take.


Caffè delle Arti

Via Antonio Gramsci, 63

Caffè delle Arti, located within the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, offers the opportunity to enjoy a moment of relaxation in a truly enchanting setting, particularly the outdoor garden situated right in front of Villa Borghese. Both for lunch and dinner, you can taste delicious dishes that blend Roman tradition and innovation. They also offer a wide selection of natural wines and the special cocktails for aperitivo, all inspired by the arts.


Serre Barberini

Via Delle Quattro Fontane, 13

Serre Barberini is a green oasis in the heart of Rome, situated within the historic greenhouse of Palazzo Barberini. This new, enchanting restaurant offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of Rome. Here you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and aperitivo in a serene atmosphere. Their lunch menu includes a variety of options, including sandwiches, burgers, and first and second courses.

Tree bar Restaurant & winebar Rome

Tree Bar

Via Flaminia, 226

A slice of the countryside amidst the city, Tree Bar offers a delightful outdoor patio shaded by greenery. Grab one of their signature, home-brewed beers or glass of vino along with a burger on homemade bread or a signature Roman classic, all prepared with locally-sourced ingredients.



Via Monte Santo, 64

An elegant Salon de Gastronomie, Madeleine takes us back in time to the early 1900s, to the Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau. A nostalgia for a time gone by that can be found even in the dishes: a mix of Italian tradition with a hint of French flair. The menu changes every two months, the Michelin-starred chef is specialized in researching various cooking techniques. 

Best restaurants on the roman coast


Dining al fresco in Rome

Elio – The Hoxton Rome

Largo Benedetto Marcello, 220
06.9450 2727 

Prepare to be delighted by a thrilling addition to The Hoxton Rome. Elio, the new restaurant that encapsulates the very best of Italian flavors, products, energy, and warm hospitality. Step into a welcoming and vacation-inspired atmosphere, where you can gather with friends to savor delectable meals. Elio is a place to create cherished memories and embrace the joy of the day, all while indulging in the extraordinary culinary creations crafted by acclaimed chef Sarah Cicolini, the mastermind behind the renowned Santopalato.



Osteria Poerio

Via Alessandro Poerio, 27

Only a few steps away from the magical Villa Sciarra, Osteria Poerio (formerly known as Osteria Mangiafuoco) warmly welcomes you with its menu of traditional Roman seafood as well as creative dishes. If you are craving something different than the usual Roman tradition, try the “disassembled” courgette flower with buffalo mozzarella, anchovy sauce and Kataifi pasta.

RESTAURANTS / Dining Al Fresco in Rome

Cesare al Casaletto

Via del Casaletto, 45

Tucked away in the Monteverde district for over 50 years and easily reachable by tram, Da Cesare al Casaletto remains one of Rome’s best-kept secrets. Locals flock to this well-established trattoria for its fabulous Roman cuisine, easygoing hospitality, and cosy outdoor patio. Try their homemade tonnarelli and fettuccine pasta, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, their classic trippa alla romana.

vivi bistrot villa pamphili estate

Vivi Bistrot

Via Vitellia, 102

If you love nature and want to swap the bustling city for a serene park, then take a visit to Villa Pamphili, home to Vivi Bistrot. Nestled amongst sloping hills and lush trees, Vivi offers a terrific American-style brunch (think pancakes and scrambled eggs), perfect for those of us who like to sleep late on Sunday. The bistrot will also prepare a picnic for two in an old-fashioned wicker basket, letting you decide where exactly on the park’s grounds you’d like to lunch.


Dining Al Fresco in Rome

Il Pane di San Saba

Piazza Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 2

In one of the most beautiful corners of the city, hidden among plants and the scent of freshly baked pizza, is the Pane di San Saba. This neighborhood bakery, established in 1987, is a place open for brunches, aperitifs, and dinners. The Garden adjoining the bakery has revolutionized its aesthetics and transformed it into the centerpiece of the bakery, while enhancing the products of the territory. Pizza “a la pala”, arrosticini, taglieri of salumi and cheeses from Lazio are paired with elaborate cocktails and an expanding wine list.

numa-al-circo-restaurant-rome (1)

Numa al Circo Restaurant & Pizzeria

Viale Aventino, 20

Chef Davide Cianetti has brought us an astounding new restaurant for foodies in Rome, just a few steps from Circo Massimo. Numa al Circo is a culinary adventure with an international footprint, designed to welcome the customer at any time of the day where they can enjoy the lively atmosphere. You can treat yourself to many delights from the breakfast, delicatessen, pizzeria, the cocktail bar or their bakery offering an array of cakes.

marco martini the corner

Marco Martini Restaurant

Viale Aventino, 121

Michelin-starred chef Marco Martini is at the helm of this upscale restaurant whose menu presents imaginative dishes along with reinterpretations of Italian classics with oriental influences. Their garden terrace is a verdant oasis of plants, flowers, and trees, and their plush sofas and arm chairs are perfect for sipping a drink or unwinding with an aperitivo.


Dining Al Fresco in Rome

Collettivo Gastronomico Testaccio

Largo Dino Frisullo, 1

In Testaccio, in the heart of Rome’s old Slaughterhouse, Collettivo Gastronomico is the ideal place for a good lunch or dinner al fresco in the quiet, green outdoor spaces of this contemporary osteria. Here you can eat simple yet refined cuisine, attentive to the season and the territory. At Collettivo Gastronomico Testaccio, you will find exceptional dishes, such as the orecchiette with pea cream, goat cheese and capered bread or the seared tuna with asparagus and sweet and sour red onion. All washed down with a suprising and creative wine list

ristorante pecorino testaccio

Ristorante Pecorino

Via Galvani, 64

Alfredo Lucarini’s lifelong passion for traditional Roman cuisine led him to open his own restaurant in Testaccio with his daughters 40 years into his career. What better name to celebrate Roman specialities than Pecorino, the cheese that goes on Roman pasta? The classic Roman dishes have an even more authentic and genuine taste here, because all the produce used in the kitchen is local and comes from Testaccio’s mercato rionale.



Lungotevere Portuense, 200

Using both organic and local products, Pianoalto’s team prepares delicious Roman and Italian delicacies that range from inventive pasta dishes to perfect main courses. The atmosphere definitely lives up to the menu, the restaurant is set on two floors, including an outdoor terrace immersed in plants, fruits and pastel colors, perfect for dining al fresco with a view, or enjoying an aperitivo with a view.



Via Antonio Pacinotti, 83

Latta is a fermentation lab, bar, brewery, gourmet bistrot and regional winery with an ample outdoor space, ideal for aperitivo, brunch or a relaxed dinner. The kitchen stays open till late!


Angelina a Testaccio

Via Galvani, 24

Angelina a Testaccio offers a lovely terrace overlooking the old Testaccio market with Mediterranean accents, lemon trees and olive trees, creating the perfect relaxing setting. For lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch you can order from delicious traditional Roman dishes and different types of beef in various cuts to choose from.


Latteria Garbatella

Piazza Geremia Bonomelli, 9

Part restaurant part bar, Latteria Garbatella dishes out fresh, seasonal dishes and top-notch cocktails all summer long. Their cuisine is refined and original, from meat to fish to desserts, with peculiar juxtapositions that aim to find a perfect balance in flavors and scents. Their walled-in outdoor patio offers a laid-back oasis to locals and tourists alike – if you’re around on Sunday, check out their courtyard brunch.

Dove Mangiare All’aperto A Roma


Piazza Eugenio Biffi, 3

Located in the heart of Garbatella, Bauhaus is a multifaceted venue that in 250 sqm, houses a bread workshop with a pizzeria and a restaurant. The project, named after the German architectural current of the same name, is in the hands of the same owners as its neighboring Biffi, and is young and successful in its offerings. The new generation bread lab bakes pizzas from early in the morning, and for the restaurant front, the chef Andrea Castagna, has developed a menu with an international flavor that can also be tried through different tasting routes.


RESTAURANTS / Dining Al Fresco in Rome

Necci dal 1924

Via Fanfulla da Lodi, 68

This rustic haunt in Pigneto found fame when it appeared in the 1961 film Accattone. It has been popular ever since with its no fuss approach to simple, traditional recipes, cooked to perfection. With dishes served from dawn until dusk you can grab anything from breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, aperitif, and of course, a hearty dinner. We recommend sipping your morning cappuccino on their outdoor garden patio before your day of sightseeing begins.

RESTAURANTS / Dining Al Fresco in Rome

Rosti al Pigneto

Via Bartolomeo d’Alviano, 65
06 2752608

Found in the hip, up-and-coming neighbourhood of Pigneto, this is a restaurant suitable for every occasion. Open from breakfast through dinner and diverse enough for kids and couples alike, Rosti offers it all. Boasting a large 700 square meter garden as well as an open plan interior, it’s a perfect escape from the hectic nature of the city. Don’t miss their tempting international breakfast menu, and be sure to sample some pizza from their wood-fired oven.

Ristoranti all'aperto

Borgo Pigneto

Via Prenestina, 216

In the historic Villa Lauricella you’ll find Borgo Pigneto, a multicultural space and social gathering spot. Here, you can relax with drinks and delicious food in spacious green areas, perfect for the pleasant weather. It’s the ideal place to spend an afternoon or an evening with friends, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Dining Al Fresco in Rome

Borgo della Mistica

Viale Marisa Bellisario, 300
06 69398505

Next to the Acquedotto Alessandrino, in the middle of the countryside but inside the Grande Raccordo Anulare, this restaurant offers a concrete, organic and sustainable cuisine thanks to their collaboration with local companies. Featuring productive and educational gardens, as well as a bio-pool open to the public, as well as the are eighty indoor and forty outdoor seats and a large lounge next to the pool bar– Borgo Della Mistica provides everything you need for a proper spring/summer lunch or dinner.



Osteria Grandma

Via dei Corneli, 25

Situated in the lively Quadraro Vecchio neighborhood of Rome, Osteria Grandma offers a well-rounded menu featuring healthy elaborated dishes, carefully selected wines and seasonally matched desserts. Grandma is perfect for lunch, aperitivo and dinner too and in the warmer seasons, its outdoor area, with wooden tables spread over the quiet and cosy Via dei Corneli truly becomes a social delight.


Dining Al Fresco in Rome

Pietralata Pizzeria di Quartiere

Via di Pietralata, 146
06 4513480

At Pietralata Pizzeria di Quartiere a magical illuminated garden sets the stage for a festive atmosphere. With seating for up to 200 guests, here you can indulge in exceptional pizza crafted from a unique blend of organic Italian flours and topped with carefully selected premium ingredients. Experience the vibrant energy of a village celebration in a Roman lively neighborhood, well-known for its nightlife.

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