English-speaking Salons & Barber Shops in Rome

English Speaking Hair Salons and Barber Shops in Rome

Finding services in English when in Rome can be difficult, and when it comes to your hair, the last thing you want is to be misunderstood. In a quest to relieve some of your pre-snip anxiety, we’ve scouted out the best English-speaking salons and barber shops in the city, so you can spruce up your locks panic free and even enjoy some conversation at the same time.

Hair Salons in Rome

Aveda H&B Lifestyle Salon and Spa

Piazza della Rovere, 112 (Trastevere/St.Peter’s) – Via del Teatro Valle, 50 (Pantheon)
Women: €35-45 – Men: €25

English-speaking Hair Salons and Barber Shops in Rome

Popular worldwide and known for their high-quality products, this salon and spa offers treatments not only for the hair but for the body as well. With a convenient location between the Vatican and Trastevere, H&B Aveda pampers its guests, even serving them a cup of their own herbal tea blend upon arrival, guaranteed to lull you into that tranquil head space. Specialising in eco-friendly goods, this salon offers an all around feel-good experience.

Le Pettinose

Via Giacinto Pullino, 68/70 (Garbatella)
Women: €30-40 – Men: €23

English-speaking Hair Salons and Barber Shops in Rome

Newly opened in the vibrant and artistic neighbourhood of Garbatella is Le Pettinose, a stylish salon run by the delightfully eccentric Bruno. The staff not only boasts years of experience, but most are also fluent in English and have worked abroad, meaning you can achieve exactly the look you envision without pulling out your English-Italian dictionary.

Hair Art Sound

Via dei Cappellari, 87 (Campo dei Fiori) – Largo Biante, 20 (Casal Palocco)
Women: €40-50 – Men: €25

English-speaking Hair Salons and Barber Shops in Rome

Found on one of the most charming backstreets in the historic center lies this attractive little salon brimming with character, from its decor to the cheerful Italians running it. Offering everything from colour and cuts, to manicures and waxing, these guys will ensure that you leave feeling as pampered as possible. Thanks to their patient and English speaking-team, you can be sure that you’ll get exactly what you ask for.

Fabrizio Narducci Hair Boutique

Via Sistina, 88 ( Spagna)
Women: €90 – Men: €60

Fabrizio Narducci Hair Boutique: English-speaking hair salons in Rome

In his hair boutique footsteps from Piazza di Spagna, Fabrizio Narducci cuts hair for men and women and styles it to make your facial features pop out. Just by glancing at you, he instantly understands the hairstyle that suits your face. But Fabrizio doesn’t just stop at the perfect hairstyle. He pairs your tailored haircut to a beautiful hair color by making sure your hair color and skin tone are perfectly harmonious. His hair boutique only uses natural products with zero miles ingredients and zero impact on the environment.

Contesta Rock Hair

Via degli Zingari, 9 (Monti) – Via del Pigneto, 9 (Pigneto) – Via Domenico Panaroli, 11 (Centocelle) – Piazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice, 46 (Testaccio) – Via Palestro, 51 (HUB) – Via Guido Reni, 7 (Guido Reni)
Women: €42 – Men: €28

English-speaking Hair Salons and Barber Shops in Rome

If you are after a hairstyle which is a little out of the ordinary, the creative minds at Contesta Rock Hair are the ones to bet on. This salon is all about artistic expression, and is experienced in handling shorter cuts for women in particular. A friendly, English-speaking staff will talk you through various colors, cuts, and ideas to ensure top results and help unveil your inner rocker!

Barber Shops in Rome


Via degli Zingari, 18 (Monti) – Viale Manzoni, 19 (Manzoni) – Piazza Cinecittà, 34/35 (Tuscolana) – Via Platani, 113 (Centostelle) – Via Pacinotti, 23 (Marconi) – Via Tirreno, 14 (Montesacro) – Via Angelo Emo, 74 (Prati) – Via delle Montagne Rocciose, 87 (EUR)

English-speaking Hair Salons and Barber Shops in Rome

This old school joint won’t offer you glamour, but will give you the authentic Italian barber shop experience, with an English-speaking staff to boot. Filled with memorabilia that covers the walls and with rockabilly music on the radio, a visit to Machete is like stepping back in time. With a variety of services available, you can opt for anything from an American-style shave to a bespoke haircut.

Genco Barber Shop

Via dei Portoghesi , 17

English-speaking Hair Salons and Barber Shops in Rome

In the heart of Rome, this barber shop brings traditional methods of styling into the modern day. Its two leading men consist of barber Antonio and stylist Roberto, whose cheerful personalities and wisdom make for both an enjoyable and cultured visit. Their passion for what they do is evident in their gushing tales of their shop’s history. A real bachelor’s hide away – Italian style.

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1 Comment

  • After reading this webpage, I visited Aveda salon in Rome. When I called to book I had the phone put down on me 3 times before someone actually spoke to me.
    When I arrived for my appointment, I was referred to by a number of names including ‘dirty tourist’. Unbeknown to the staff my Italian is pretty good.
    The nail technician was lovely and her English was fantastic. She worked hard to make me feel comfortable and pampered. She also gave me a super recommendation for dinner! By this time I had spent 2 weeks on the road travelling and was in desperate need of a pedicure.
    My hair cut was less than good and, other than the back being shaved, no different to my original cut. Considering the nail technician fully explained my requirements to the stylist, this was completely ignored and he stated he didn’t do as I asked because he didn’t like it. When I challenged the hair cut he continued to refuse to do anything about it. I therefore paid €50 for a shaved neck.
    Sadly, my gel manicure has peeled off after only 48 hours. I paid €30 for a manicure that should have lasted 2 weeks or more.
    Quite frankly I feel cheated out of €135 on what should have been a lovely relaxing start to my time in Rome. I don’t recommend this salon at all.

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