Ex Galleria Monti: where cocktails & art meet

Ex Galleria Monti: where cocktails & art meet

An ex art gallery turned hip cocktail bar footsteps from the Colosseum

Minutes away from the Colosseum, yet far enough to to immerse yourself in Rome’s characteristic cobblestone streets, Ex-Galleria is a staple in the Monti neighborhood. Finally back after a careful renovation, Ex-Galleria is here to stay. With its warm ambiance, detailed decor, and an enviable location, it’s a soon to be favorite.

As you walk in, choosing where to sit may be a tough one. Are you going to go for the cosy couches, snug loveseats, or one of the intimate tables along the wall? Whichever one you choose make sure to get comfortable, chances are you’ll be ordering a second round. You should also know that, should you be part of a big group, there is also a private room that can seat a good number. Safe to say there’s room for all.

Ex Galleria Monti: where cocktails & art meet

Thanks to the special care with which the menu was designed, there’s a little something for everyone. Ranging from your classic options, to an extensive wine selection, and Ex-Galleria originals, the menu is as charming as the Monti neighborhood it sits in.

With mixology being an important feature to the menu, rest assured that your drinks are going to be whipped up meticulously; if you like lemons, definitely start off with the “Drink Me” cocktail. Not a fan of mixology? No worries, even your beloved negronis, whisky sours, long islands, and the rest of the lot are made with precision and savviness. At the same time though, just in case you’re feeling adventurous, but not too wild, you can also choose one of the crafty revisitations Ex-Galleria has regarding the previously mentioned classics- for example, how about a vodka sour with basil and Jagermeister?

Ex Galleria Monti: Cocktails & Art footsteps from the Colosseum

Ex Galleria Monti: where cocktails & art meet

Of course, if you’re looking to nibble on something while you sip away, Ex-Galleria accompanies its cocktails with different platters and snacks for you to choose from. The aperitivo option includes a drink and a platter for €12 per person, or different sandwiches and finger food for you to choose from; all of which also include vegetarian options.

Ex Galleria Monti: Cocktails & Art footsteps from the Colosseum

You’ll notice the walls are lined with different empty frames and carefully placed lighting that calls attention to the art on display. This is not only due to it originally being an art gallery (hence the name Ex-Galleria) but also because it hosts art shows for up and coming artists on alternated Sundays. At times, there is also an occasional slam poetry event. In case you want to know (or maybe even participate?) about any upcoming events, Ex-Galleria announces it all through their Facebook page!

A truly remarkable spot, you’ll be wishing you had an Ex-Galleria back home too.

Via Baccina 66, Roma, Lazio, Italia


Via Baccina, 66 (Monti)

Opening Time

Tuesday-Sunday, 6pm – 2am

Aperitivo: €12




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  • Enjoyed evening cocktails a few times at Ex Galleria on my last visit to Rome. Wonderful place, carefully crafted cocktails, and great atmosphere. You’re right…I wish there was one at home!

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