Fonzie Burgers: Kosher Burgers in Rome

Fonzie Burgers Opens New Location in Northern Rome

Fonzie Burgers may not serve typical “Italian” cuisine, but those preconceived notions won’t matter to your tongue once you try their crispy burger patties, freshly-salted fries and innovative food pairings.

With their newly-opened location at Via Flaminia, 585 in Fleming, Rome, Fonzie Burgers is bringing their culinary creations to an even wider audience. They already have four restaurants in Rome: one at Piazza Bologna, one in the Jewish Quarter, one at the Spanish Steps and one at Colli Portuensi. The Fleming location is now the northernmost of all, giving options for those visiting the more far-flung sections of the Eternal City.

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Fonzie Burgers: Kosher Burgers in Rome - Romeing

100% Kosher Burgers in Rome

Fonzie Burgers was founded in 2012 in the Jewish Quarter by the brother-chef duo David and Daniel Gai, who sought to create a gourmet burger in Rome without sacrificing their devotion to Jewish dietary laws.

“There was important input from all Romans as well as the Jewish community, so we decided to open other locations to meet everyone’s needs,” recounted David.

Jewish dietary laws, collectively called kashrut, determine which foods are kosher or not. These laws have many details and caveats, but one of the most important laws dictates that you must not mix dairy products with meat. This means many Italian foods, like pasta carbonara and pizza with sausage, are automatically not kosher, and the same goes for American foods like cheeseburgers. Kosher meat must also be slaughtered under specific regulations, including supervision by a rabbi.

So, to create the perfect kosher “ham”burger, Fonzie combines rabbinic approval of meat with non-dairy cheeses made from soy. Their entire menu is kosher, from their chilli and guacamole burgers to their lemon mayo steak sandwiches to their smoked turkey bagels.

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Vegans and Vegetarian Options

It doesn’t matter if you keep kosher or not—the interesting flavor combinations across 20 different kinds of burgers will entice any curious customer. Vegans, vegetarians and those with other dietary restrictions will also be happy to try the meat-free options, including a veggie patty made with organically-grown vegetables.

A basic litmus test for any burger place is the quality of their fries, a test which Fonzie passes with flying (or should we say frying?) colors. They’re fresh, golden and find the precise amount of saltiness without leaving you gasping for water. If potatoes aren’t your favorite but you’re still craving crunch, they also have onion rings and chicken wings with a variety of sauces.

Customers can eat their food there or get it to go, which comes in handy when you’re in a city as busy as Rome.

Although the new Fleming location is small, it still captures the sleek aesthetic of many modern burger chains like Shake Shack and Smashburger. The glossy tables, jet-black stools and moody rap on the radio all show that Fonzie isn’t interested in the past: it’s forging a new genre of fast-casual restaurants. Their sodas are served in vintage-looking glass bottles, which add to the charm. Plus, if you sit at the bar like an old-fashioned diner, you’re face-to-face with the kitchen, which guarantees that your food is being made fresh to order.


Via di Santa Maria del Pianto 13 (Jewish Ghetto)

Via Catanzaro, 33 (Piazza Bologna)

Via della Vite, 53 (Center)

Via Flaminia, 585 (Fleming)

Viale dei Colli Portuensi, 157 (Gianicolense)


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