Food and Wine Retreats for Country Lovers: Eat Castelli Romani

Food and Wine Retreats for Country Lovers: Eat at Castelli Romani

Discover a Picturesque Landscape Amidst Hill Towns, Old Castles and Lakes in Rome’s Wine Country 

Very few of the billions of tourists who visit Rome every year are told that the beauty of this place expands beyond the city limits. Only true Romans are aware of the treasures and secrets of their Lazio, a land rich in ancient traditions and cultures, culinary delicacies and breath-taking landscapes. Eat Castelli Romani is a new tour experience that opens a window onto this uncharted world through food and wine retreats.

The idea was born out of Karla and Luca’s love, that which they feel for each other and for the Castelli. Luca was born in the area, in the town of Ariccia (famous for the porchetta!), and after travelling across Europe and the USA, he returned to his homeland with the idea of bringing people together through food.  Here he met Karla, a young American girl, who got to Italy at 18 on a study-abroad program and never left. This happened 15 years ago and the couple is still going strong today, building a family – with a 2-year-old boy, many cats and many dogs – and a family business: spoiling foodies and wine-lovers from all over with a marvellous land and experience.

Food and Wine Retreats for Country Lovers: Eat at Castelli Romani

Their retreats consist of taking relatively small groups of people, (approximately 10) to maintain intimacy and facilitate sociality, to different food and wine locations around the Castelli Romani for a week. These locations include restaurants, agriturismi, vineyards where visitors get to enjoy multi-sensory experiences, through gorgeous views, the peace and quiet of the countryside, and some of the best flavours in Italy. The Eat Castelli Romani tours also entail the possibility to learn, through cooking classes, guided wine tastings, street food strolls, local food market visits, meetings with local producers and artisans and more.


In short, Karla and Luca offer an alternative to the tourist-filled streets of the Italian capital, a break from ancient ruins and Roman history, and bring travellers to explore the many ordinary and millenary stories that colour the contours of the Eternal City. This is the perfect tour for those who want to discover something new, for those who are in Italy because they like to eat and drink well, who love the serenity of the countryside and who want to meet new people from all over the world in an intimate, familiar and objectively stunning setting.

Hurry up and book yourselves a retreat – Karla and Luca organise four week long tours a year, while their day tours run most of the year. 

Food and Wine Retreats for Country Lovers: Eat at Castelli Romani


Day tours begin at $60.00 USD

Week long retreat $2,250.00 for single occupancy (double room with private bath)


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