Frezza “Cucina de Coccio”: Roman food near Via del Corso

Frezza "Cucina de Coccio": Roman food in Via del Corso
Chef Cianetti and Claudio Amendola, photo credits @Adriana Forconi

Italian movie star Claudio Amendola opens his second restaurant

Frezza romana is a brand new restaurant one step away from the vibrant Via del Corso (one of the main shopping routes), and it offers the best of traditional Roman food in a strategic location.

The owner, Claudio Amendola is one of the most loved and recognizable actors and movie directors of the country, whose family features a tradition of actors since 1600. Perhaps this is why it feels like you’re entering a movie set as soon as you step into his welcoming restaurant.

The décor is curated in each and every detail: from the little wooden and marble tables to the vintage posters recalling the traditional Italian dishes. As you enter the first room, you can see the bar counter and a window that looks into the next room, where there is the open kitchen and oven, for you to catch a glimpse of the chef and his crew working hard to make the perfect amatriciana.

Frezza "Cucina de Coccio": Roman food in Via del Corso
Amatriciana, photo credits @Adriana Forconi

A step away from Via del Corso and the Mausoleum of Augustus

Via della Frezza connects Via del Corso, one of the most popular shopping streets, to Via Ripetta, flanking the riverbank. Located in the centre of Rome, in an area that is going through a period of renewal and development, the restaurant invites Romans and its visitors to step in, enjoy an aperitivo and indulge in a fulfilling meal after an intense afternoon of shopping. And… if you’re lucky enough you might also bump into one of the most popular and fun actors that the Capital has to offer!

Bombe salate, photo credits @Adriana Forconi
Frezza "Cucina de Coccio": Roman food in Via del Corso
Coda alla vaccinara, photo credits @Adriana Forconi

Frezza’s food represents the Roman tradition

As given away by the name of the place, Roman cuisine is predominant here. It is the type of food our grandmothers are still cooking at home, enhanced by great quality ingredients.

The creation of the menu is entrusted to experienced Chef Davide Cianetti, Frezza’s advisor – “I immediately liked his idea of traditional and real Roman cuisine. Frezza’s menu will be a hymn to Romanity, its most classic dishes and Roman pizza”, Amendola explains.


The Roman vocation is already obvious from the starters with the Bruschetta Cicoria e Guanciale, the Burrata and artichokes alla Cafona. In the fried section, there is no shortage of Supplì, Cod fillet, Fiori di Zucca, Mozzarella in Carrozza (coated mozzarella melted between slices of bread) and the tasty Bombe Salate, a soft dough that wraps some coda alla vaccinara. Then, Roman-style tripe with mint and pecorino cheese, aubergines, cacio e pepe with artichokes, and more…Most dishes are also available as a ‘half portion’ and are served in “cocci” or stoneware, a type of material whose durability represents the idea of a cuisine that will never grow old.

Pizza couldn’t be left out of the menu: through a mixture made of stone-ground flours, the chef creates a thin and crusty pizza winning over all sorts of taste-buds. Listed under Red, White and D’autore, Frezza’s pizzas present authentic flavours such as roast pork and broccoletti; Puntarella with fior di latte; anchovies, burrata and Fichi, with dried figs, spinach and goose ham, a tribute to kosher cuisine.

The wine list is wide-ranging and it focuses on regional wineries, carefully selected by the restaurant manager, Riccardo Bonanni. The restaurant also offers the most classic aperitivo cocktails, such as spritz and Negroni, plus six signature cocktails named after Rome’s key sites: drink a Tempio di Vesta, a Pantheon, up to Piazza Venezia.

The restaurant, photo credits @Adriana Forconi

Via della Frezza, 64-66

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Sunday: 12:30pm-11:30pm

06 7045 2605

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