Gelato San Lorenzo

Gelato San Lorenzo Rome

There is a significant difference between the gelato you often grab out of desperation and the gelato you can really enjoy after an informed search for the best one. After you’ve fallen into enough traps of having to choose among the plastic containers of swirly heaps of unnaturally bright colors, you might be looking for something a little more serious. Gelato San Lorenzo emerges like a breath of fresh air in a neighborhood filled with student bars and burger joints. Its clean, Stanford white interior and high, brick vaulted ceiling cool you down before you’ve even dipped into your icy dessert. And we’re not the only ones saying so, Conde Nast Traveller has included this gelateria as one of the best gelato places in Italy (and for good reason)!

Gelato San Lorenzo Rome

The owners are maintaining an endless flow of ice cream flavors made in-house everyday with all natural ingredients. Their main focus is to create a model of pure gelato, free of the added, unnatural substitutes that are often used to give gelato its taste, sweetness and consistency. Every flavor served at Gelato San Lorenzo is clear of food coloring, unnatural flavors and trans fats. Natural fibers are used instead to bring out the thick creaminess that one looks for in a good ice cream and 25% less sugar is added to these already fruit, nut and honey-sweetened delights.

Gelato San Lorenzo Rome

The gelateria offers a few vegan options, including its pistachio and dark chocolate flavors that are hipoglicemic as well (they have a very low sugar content). True to their philosophy of ice cream purity, these flavors are made from individually sourced products, which include raw chocolate straight from South America and pistachios from Bronte, Sicily. Some of their other must-try flavors include one made with pine nuts, chestnuts and honey and another with raspberries and basil.

If you’re not in the mood for ice cream but are looking for something cold and refreshing, try one of their organic yogurts topped with fresh fruit, a centrifuga (cold-pressed juice), or a crepe with melted chocolate.

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Via Tiburtina, 6 (San Lorenzo)

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Open daily, 11am-1am




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