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Discover Italian excellence one scoop at a time

Every bite becomes a real journey through Italy and the world, thanks to various gelato flavours and regional pastries. Cremilla tells us a story of local farmers and food artisans committed to creating a product where taste and quality meet naturally.

Strategically located almost halfway between Castel Sant Angelo and San Peter’s Basilica, just a few meters away from Borgo Pio, this ice cream parlour is the perfect spot for enjoying truly authentic ice cream without falling into a “tourist trap”.

You won’t need to get lost in the city’s narrow and cobbled streets to find real Italian products: Cremilla gives you a chance to taste a deliciously creamy and fresh ice cream while you are walking in the lively area around Castel Sant Angelo, visiting the city’s main hotspots.

The ice cream shop was opened in 2018 and it managed to thrive through the pandemic, constantly adapting to the costumer’s needs. Besides a great selection of ice cream, Cremilla offers fresh seasonal juices, crepes – either plain or chocolate, flavoured waffles, pancakes, smoothies, milkshakes and organic yoghurt.

At Cremilla, you can find the traditional Sicilian cannoli (a crunchy fried wafer filled with sheep’s ricotta cream) and brioches. Or, to fight the summer heat, a refreshing crunchy granita can be a great choice.

When you order a gelato in Rome expect to be asked quite a few questions. As it is better to be prepared, let’s see what this is about.

Apart from the classic choice between cone or cup, don’t be surprised if the gelataio/a will also ask if you want melted chocolate (white chocolate or gianduja) at the bottom of the cone or whipped cream on top. It is one of the free, little, precious joys of eating ice cream in Italy.

Old school flavours such as stracciatella and crema alternate with other seasonal tastes depending on the availability of the product and the creativity of the staff.  We recommend trying brand-new flavours such as mint and liquorice, although the salted caramel with crunchy almonds is hard to pass up.

Fruit flavoured gelato is made using more than 50% seasonal fresh fruit delivered daily, while cream flavoured ones are made only with local organic milk and eggs. For its gelato, Cremilla only uses Sicilian carob flour as natural thickener in order to obtain a free of artificial additive flavour.

The gelato is mixed continuously in the kitchen lab so that it feels real, swift, and fresh at every bite. Most products are made on-site daily – there’s even a glass panel on the floor so that you can see the kitchen in action.

Unlike other gelaterie where the seating area can be quite limited, Cremilla, thanks to an inclusive interior design, invites visitors to take a seat and enjoy a moment of pure happiness.

Via di Porta Castello, 39-41 (Prati)

Opening time
Daily, 9am-10pm


06 6821 0540

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