How to spend Valentine’s Day in Rome

valentine's day in rome

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday, (don’t pretend you forgot) so instead of using a hectic Roman weekday as an excuse for not celebrating, this year the most controversial “holiday” of love is taking over your weekend- next thing you know it’ll be leaving a toothbrush at your place and meeting your parents.

Valentine’s Day for Lovers

  1. Romance by candlelit dinner

Looking to step up your romance game? Here are the places to wine and dine your lover/next victim…

Dom Hotela sultry, velvet den of mixologist cocktails and fusion cuisine.

Saida chocolate factory converted into a restaurant with accompanying chocolate shop.

Race Club a plush underground speakeasy with cocktails and plenty of cozy little nooks for romancing- they’re even having a special Valentine’s Day event.

La Maisonnette Ristrot– a cozy novel restaurant and bistro hybrid found in a historic 1920’s house in the foody, anti-tourist area of Garbatella.

Spirito this jazzy speakeasy in Pigneto is holding a special Valentine’s Day Dinner

  1. Give the gift of love….

Flowers, chocolates, things that go buzz in the night. We recommend the following shops for all of your romantic needs:

For lingerie and sexy toys: ZouZou

For flowers: finally, the time has come. You actually have a reason to buy a rose from one of the wandering rose peddlers who infiltrate tourist-ridden restaurants and chase you in piazzas.

For chocolates: Mondo e Gariglio

  1. Get pampered

Can you say couples massage? These are your new favorite spas: QC Terme does a special Valentine’s Day package, here is our list of favorite spas in Rome

If you’re single…

  1. Go out: Mix and mingle

Option 1: Rage so hard on Saturday that you sleep away Sunday: these club nights should do the trick:

Party: Je t’aime Where: Taverna 37 (

Party: Genesis Where: Vicious (

Party: Johnny B. Goode Love Edition Where: Ex Dogana (

Party: I Love Auditorium Where: Auditorium Parco della Musica-share the love and explore the historical Parco della Musica, see event for details and ticket information:

Option 2: Go for a boozy brunch, lunch and invite lots of friends. Talk about how happy you are to be free and single…

Where: Pigneto Food Market- not a brunch per se, but an excellent place to mingle, drink and while away a Sunday.

Where: Na Cosetta- Sunday funday buffet brunch in Pigneto (

Where: Queen Makeda– a mega-buffet beer hall

Where: Dolce- for those with a sweet tooth and lovers of american style brunch food (

(Depending on the amount of alcohol consumed, option 3 almost always follows option 2.)

Option 3: Hit up a sceney aperitivo. Pretend you always go out on Sunday nights looking this good.

Italian Fighetti pick-up spot: Salotto 42

Casual Cool pickup spot: Bar del Fico

Trendy and hip pickup spot: Coffee Pot Trastevere

Group hangout pickup spot: Freni and Frizioni

Music lovers pickup spot: Marmo

  1. Go into hermit mode

Netflix has come to Italy, but you already knew that. If you’re set on staying in bed all day and Netflix binging, here are some of the pizza places in Rome that deliver on and, as well as Drink Delivery service booze delivered directly to your house (you’re welcome)

Pizza in Centro – Via degli Acquasparta, 25

Ciampini Bistrot Via della Fontanella di Borghese, 59

Zizzi Pizza – Piazza San Martino ai Monti, 5

Oh, and the Lindt shop doesn’t deliver. ( We know, we may have checked. )

  1. Completely ignore it

Get the hell out of dodge: leave early in the morning, come back late at night. If anyone asks, just say: “what? Valentine’s Day was today?” Practice looking surprised: Day Trips from Rome

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