Top Chocolate Shops

Did you think the Easter bunny wouldn’t make a pit stop in Rome this year? From modern to traditional, tartufo to torta, treat your taste buds with these sweet tooth certified chocolate shops.



Passed down generations, SAID chocolate factory has been making handmade chocolates since 1923. With over 90 years of experience, they have perfected chocolate in every shape and size: from their revered hot chocolate to their decadent truffles. SAID is a great place to sit down and enjoy an afternoon dessert or have late night treat, but they don’t do just that! Open until late, they serve happy hour and also host live music events in a cozy yet modern atmosphere.  The space creates an atmosphere where the artist and artisan meet: the original factory’s items are a reminder of artisanal traditions, and the modern décor preserves the delicious experience.

Top Chocolate Shops

Via Tiburtina, 135 (San Lorenzo)

Tue-Thur 10am-12:30am

Fri-Sun 10am-1:30am


The name Quetzalcoatl might be a mouthful, but it originates from Mesoamerica just like its cocoa beans. Located near the Spanish Steps, this Franco-Italian chocolatier makes some of the best gourmet chocolates in Rome. The variety of chocolates here is stunning: Quetzalcoatl is not afraid to use unique ingredients such as ginger and lavender, helping you find the chocolate combo of your dreams. From macarons to tartufi, they have it all elegantly packaged, so you can’t resist the temptation of taking some home. I bet you can’t say ‘Quetzalcoatl’ 3 times over—but then again, it won’t matter when your mouth will be full of chocolate!

Top Chocolate Shops

Via delle Carrozze, 26 (Campo Marzio)

Mon-Fri 10am-7:30pm


This well-known chocolatier is conveniently located in the heart of Rome, just steps away from the Pantheon. If you are looking for a variety of classic flavours, there’s just no going wrong with the Swiss chocolate that everybody loves. Gratify your taste buds with Lindt ice cream, or quench your craving with their hot chocolate on their beautiful patio outside. Lindt’s Maitre Chocolatier also creates personalized treats that make the perfect gift. Oh, and rumour has it he is collaborating with the Easter bunny.

Top Chocolate Shops

Via della Maddalena, 12 (Pantheon)



The year was 1922: the scent of toasted chocolate filled the streets of Naples as Isidoro Odin and his wife Gay Onorina started making chocolate. The determined couple experimented with new recipes and novel ingredients, and what resulted were high-end chocolates. Their success has been attributed to their true Neapolitan spirit: fiercely competitive, and passionate about novelty. Today, Gay-Odin’s creations such as the Naples-inspired Vesuvio and the flaky yet creamy chocolate shavings of the Foresta are a taste of high quality history. They say Gay-Odin’s chocolates are the alchemy that makes people in love. I say it makes people fall in love with chocolate time and time again.

Top Chocolate Shops

Via Antonio Stoppani, 9 (Parioli)

GREZZO Raw Chocolate

Have you already noticed this charming shop while walking down via Urbana, a cobblestoned street full of restaurants and cafes in the heart of Monti? Open morning to night, Grezzo is unavoidable! The first shop of its kind in Europe, Grezzo follows principles of gourmet raw food: if ‘organic, fair-trade, and gluten free’ are part of your philosophy, this is the place to be! Embracing the evolution of the healthy sweet, all of their delicious cakes, pies, creams and cookies are made with high quality ingredients. Case and point: Grezzo’s goodies are guilt-free.

Top Chocolate Shops

Via Urbana, 130 (Monti)

Mon-Sun 11am-11pm

Moriondo e Gariglio

The first and oldest chocolate shop in Rome, Moriondo e Gariglio is as historic as it is delicious. The handmade chocolates are made with the same recipes created in 1800’s and use all natural ingredients. The classic flavors include mint, pistachio, rum, raspberry, and marron glacés and they also have seasonal treats such as milk and dark chocolate Easter eggs in 13 different sizes. Chocolate lover or not- this historic shop is a must.

Top Chocolate Shops

Via del Pie’ di Marmo, 21/22 (Pantheon)

Mon-Sun 9am-7:30pm

Gelato San Lorenzo

Craving some tasty chocolate this fall and winter season? Look no further than Gelato San Lorenzo. While their delicious free-of-additives gelato is available year-round, for the colder seasons of the year, owners Maurizio and Flavia will also serve a selection of handcrafted chocolates that come from the best cocoa beans.  Deriving from both Italian and non-Italian artisans, Gelato San Lorenzo offers products of the highest quality, and most importantly natural. Try the selection of raw chocolate processed at controlled temperatures that preserves the coca bean’s properties, and don’t forget to taste the variety of pralines – from fruity, grainy, intense, light or with liquor – covered and then decorated by hand. And to top it all off, a cup of hot cocoa can’t be missing.

Via Tiburtina, 6 (San Lorenzo)

Open daily, 11am-1am

Top Chocolate Shops

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  • I just recently found and am delighted to add it to my resource base for places in Rome. I have been going to Moriondo e Gariglio for years, particularly in the fall when they sell the candied chestnuts from their own orchards. A real treasure. You might enjoy a blog I recently started on various favorites in the area of the ancient Campus Martius that follows on a book I recently wrote for Cambridge University Press entitled “Campus Martius – The Field of Mars in the Life of Ancient Rome” and a related downloadable walking tour of the same space entitled “A Walk Through The Field of Mars.” The web address is below. Many thanks for a job well done. Paul W. Jacobs, II

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