I’m a Boss: 3 inspiring American women who made it in Rome

I'm a Boss: 3 inspiring American women who changed Rome

Samantha, an American filmmaker living la dolce vita in Italy, goes behind the scenes interviewing courageous foreigners who are shaking things up in Rome.

As an expat myself, I am so lucky to consider Rome my home. When I arrived in this city two years ago with nothing but a suitcase and camera, I didn’t know a single person or speak a word of Italian. But I have been inspired not only by the immense beauty of this country, but the incredible people I’ve met along the way. Meet Katie, Marsha, and Carla. All roads did in fact lead to Rome for these brave American women, who have each taken unique paths but share the same determination. Despite many challenges faced when moving to a foreign country, they all achieved their goals changing the eternal city in a major way. See what makes each of them a “Boss” and an inspiration to us all.

Marsha De Salvatori: Founder of Rome’s Comedy Club

Marsha De Salvatori was an English teacher from Ohio with deep southern Italian roots that lead her to Rome over a decade ago. Even overseas she was inundated with compliments on her sense of humor, prompting her to try comedy. Despite various challenges due to the cultural differences of starting a business in Italy, Marsha succeeded to create Rome’s Comedy Club, the first English-speaking professional standup show in Rome and possibly all of Italy.

Katie Parla: the Voice of Roman Cuisine

Katie Parla grew up in New Jersey spending most of her time at her family restaurant and various local farms. This kicked off her culinary education at an early age and after several years of studying art history, gastronomy, and wine in Italy, Katie has become the voice of Roman cuisine working amongst the biggest food names in the industry. She has written more than twenty books, appeared in various tv shows, articles, websites, and more. Her goal is to continue educating others about the best food and drinks in Italy, focusing particularly on the neglected South where peoples’ livelihood depend on visitors.

Carla Wiegers: the 7 continents finisher

Carla Wiegers was an un-athletic musical theater major from Massachusetts. After studying abroad in Florence and moving permanently to Rome, she suffered a bad breakup leading to a drastic life decision. Carla set a goal to run a marathon on every continent, a feat achieved by only a few hundred people in the world. Follow Carla’s journey as she gears up for her seventh and final marathon in Antarctica, the toughest in the world.

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