Japan Cultural Institute in Rome


The first of its kind, the Japan Cultural Institute in Rome was inaugurated in 1962 and from 1972 it has been managed by the Japan Foundation to promote Japanese Culture through a variety of programs and activities and create a link between Italy and Japan.

The institute itself represents traditional Japanese architecture and is made to look like the house of an aristocratic family from the Heian period. The interior features an auditorium, library, several classrooms, a meeting room, library and a gallery space; many of which are sectioned off by the sliding rice paper doors found in traditional Japanese homes. A beautiful traditional garden surrounds the institute and boasts the only Japanese cherry trees in Rome.  Tours of the garden are available in the spring and fall by phone request (T. 06.9484.4655) and usually last 30 minutes.

The institute offers a wide range of unique programs including weekly language classes, culture classes, concerts, exhibitions, Japanese film screenings (with Italian subtitles) and free cultural activities such washi (Japanese paper) demonstrations, and an event called “shaberiamo,” that offers language students (at any level) the opportunity to chat with Japanese speakers.

Interested in learning Japanese? The Japan Cultural Institute in Rome offers a wide range of Japanese-Language Course (see website for full details.)


Via Antonio Gramsci, 74


Mon-Fri 9-12:30/13:30-18:30
Wed until 5:30pm
Sat 9:30-13


Mon-Fri 9am -12:30/ 1:30 pm-5 pm Tues until 7pm
Sat 9:30-1pm


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