Japan Cultural Institute in Rome

japan institute of rome

The Japanese Cultural Institute was officially inaugurated in 1962, becoming the first of its kind abroad. Managed by the Japan Foundation (Kokusai Kôryû Kikin), the institute aims to distribute and showcase Japanese culture in Italy. The building itself represents traditional Japanese architecture and is made to look like the house of an aristocratic family from the Heian period.

The architect of the building, Yoshida Isoya, highlighted building materials like wood, cloth wall coverings, gold surfaces, curtains and Japanese paper sliding doors to retain the desired style. Additionally, a beautiful traditional garden surrounds the institute and boasts the only Japanese cherry trees in Rome. Free tours of the garden are available in the spring and fall by phone request (T. 06.9484.4655) and usually last 30 minutes.

Furthermore, the institute offers a wide range of unique programs including weekly language classes, culture classes, concerts, exhibitions, Japanese film screenings (with Italian subtitles) and free cultural activities. (See website for full details.)


Via Antonio Gramsci, 74

Gallery hours:

Mon-Fri 9-12:30 / 13:30-18:30
Wed until 17:00
Sat 9:30-13
July 9.00-12.30 / 13.00-16.30 – Saturday Closed

Library Hours:

Mon, Wed, Fri 9-12:30 (closed afternoon)
Tue, Thursday 9-12:30 / 13:30-17:00
Saturday 9:30-13:00 with limited service for consultation and loans.
July 9:00-12:30 / 13:00-16:30
Closed on the last working day of each month, holidays, August and year end.


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