La Città della Pizza

La Città della Pizza : The City of Pizza

Two days dedicated to the art of pizza, with tastings, workshops and contests

For two days, from Saturday, May 28 to Sunday, May 29, Rome will host the fifth edition of la Città della Pizza, an event dedicated to one of the most iconic products of the national culinary tradition: pizza. Organized by Vinòforum, Città della Pizza, or City of Pizza will take place at Parco Tor di Quinto in Via Fornaci di Tor di Quinto, 10.

Sixty of the best pizza-makers of Italy will participate. Every day, guests will be able to taste the various pizzas as they’re continuously taken out of the oven from the houses of Città della Pizza.

With a limited number of guests, those who are interested will have the chance to participate in the Pizza & Champagne sessions. The project will feature two lunches, two dinners, and four special menus. Master pizza-makers will create pizzas with unique toppings and the excellency of the local produce. The combination with Rose champagne Ruinart, the oldest Maison de Champagne, will make every session even more exclusive.

La città della pizza

Education and learning are two other main aspects of the event. Because of this, Città della Pizza has organized various workshops for both for the amateurs and for the professionals. Check them out here and select your favourite!

Pizza-making class: learn to make the perfect pizza near Piazza Navona

La città della Pizza-The city of Pizza

Don’t miss the contest Stand Up Pizza, where new talent and expert cooks will show the world what pizza means to them. Every contestant will make a pizza, live in front of the audience, with the produce available, and explain the type of dough and the various ingredients. They will have to also utilize one surprise ingredient revealed on the spot selected from the various products from the Presidi Slow Food Italiani. The judges will be a committee of famous pizzaioli, chefs, and journalists. 

Entrance to the event is free as always.

May 28 – 29

Parco di Tor di Quinto

Via Fornaci di Tor di Quinto, 10

Saturday, May 28; 11am – 12am
Sunday, May 29; 11am – 10pm


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