Classic luxury by the sea

I had no idea this heaven existed so close to Rome. A villa built by Prince Orsini in 1640; a five-star hotel with a Michelin-star restaurant and its own private beach just outside the city centre; an experience of luxury and service that will thrill even those accustomed to international high standards. As soon as we arrived there was someone waving across the garden, ready to escort us into a cool stone lobby looking out over blue water, lavish curtains blowing in the breeze.

The line between classic antiquity and the type of luxury that can compete with a well-travelled client’s expectations is delicate. But I couldn’t fault the rooms – exposed timber beam ceilings, shuttered windows with views over the sea, elegant furniture, chic detail, enough space to lounge in opulent armchairs devouring the complimentary platter of fresh fruit and gourmet chocolate. And outside your room… a decadent library, an indoor pool, a rambling garden, a spa of the highest quality. This villa is for those who want a place with character and history rather than some generic designer box with no relevance to Italy. You will be pampered, you will gorge on some of the best local Italian cuisine available and you will notice a calm on this property that leaves you with the sensation that nothing else in the world matters.

For those who just want a taste, take a trip out for a cool day by the sea. The pool and beach are open to the public in addition to hotel guests for a small price yet the tranquillity and exclusivity is never compromised. La Posta Vecchia is like being in a private home… that is, if you were an Italian aristocrat.

La Posta Vecchia

Palo Laziale – 00055 Ladispoli (Roma)



How to get there:

45 minutes from Rome by car

25 minutes from Fiumicino airport

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