L’Oracolo di Bob: light cannabis shop in Rome

L'oracolo di Bob legal weed Rome

Where to buy legal weed in Rome 24/7

Recently, conversations about legalizing marijuana have been quite the buzz. As countries keep making their way into legalizing cannabis, Canada being the most recent, here in Italy things are moving as well. In fact, since Italy legalized light marijuana, different shops have opened.

In the midst of the green-themed businesses, one particular shop caught my eye. With a logo that resembles two hands holding a crystal ball, it’s not a crystal ball they’re holding, but rather a cannabis bud! The logo reflects the store’s name, “L’Oracolo di Bob” which (rightly so) translates to “Bob’s Oracle.”

And although both the name and logo are fun and original, the one detail that separates the shop from the rest is the ingenious machine outside the store. Although similar to a cigarette machine in appearance, you won’t find any cigarettes in it, but rather 13 different types of legal weed, 1 type of legal hash, and more.

L'oracolo di Bob legal weed Rome

One of a kind, L’Oracolo di Bob is every customer’s dream. With the machine operating 24/7 and offering different products, everybody has access to the legal marijuana. No matter the day or time, the self-service machine is exactly what sets L’Oracolo di Bob one step higher than all the rest, and there are four distributors throughout the city. In addition to the legal weed options, there is also the possibility for customers to purchase CBD Oil; both in the distributor machine and in the shop.

Not up for getting out of the house? L’Oracolo di Bob has recently launched a weed e-commerce and Android app, which means you can get your weed or CBD products delivered right at your doorstep (don’t worry, the packaging has no logos)!

In the terms of the CBD Oil, the substance is fully natural and does not contain additives or chemical add-ons. As a result, the oil has no side-effects, and can be used either through a dropper or mixed in with food. Regardless of how one uses it, the benefits are great. In fact, not only the oil, but all CBD products offer benefits that are quite the turn of events. Some of the benefits allow for its users to alleviate different forms of pain and/or possible inflammations, reduce anxiety levels, is a natural antiemetic, and can help with acne issues.

L'oracolo di Bob legal weed Rome

Along with the CBD oil in the machines, there is also the possibility of buying paraphernalia objects (like a glass blunt), and the CBD Svapo, a 99% CBD electronic cigarette liquid. In the blunt’s case, it is pocket-size glass blunt that allows its users to enjoy the weed without having to worry about finding papers. Whereas for the electronic cigarette liquid, you are looking at an odorless substance that would then be added to the liquid one uses normally.

All in all, Oracolo di Bob is the result of owner Lorenzo’s creativity, and ambitious mindset. After having opened the first shop in the Prati neighborhood, four more legal weed stores are now available throughout the city in the San Giovanni neighbourhood, Parioli neighbourhood and Corso Trieste area, with another shop opening soon on Viale Eritrea 30. In addition, the Glenn Quagmire (yes from Family Guy) weed type has been recently introduced as a new strain; the character is featured on the packaging too!

So in case you’re looking for an aid to a health issue, want to relax, or just simply want to sleep through the night, dropping by the Oracolo di Bob is a safe bet. And what’s better than not having time restraints when deciding when to drop by and when to order online?

Via Ruggero Fauro 22, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Corso Trieste 60, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Via Emanuele Filiberto 231, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Via Aosta 37, Roma, Lazio, Italia

Via Carlo Grabau 12, Roma, Lazio, Italia


Via Grabau, 12 (Prati)

Via Aosta, 37 (San Giovanni)

Via E. Filiberto, 231 (San Giovanni)

Corso Trieste, 60 (Corso Trieste)

Via Ruggero Fauro, 22 (Parioli)

Viale Eritrea, 30b (Coming Soon)

Opening times

Daily 24/7




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