MedinAction and Marinella together for charity


This Christmas, the renowned Italian tailoring company will donate luxury items to MedinAction, which will, in turn, offer, for the same value, free medical visits to Roman Orphanages

From the synergy between MedinAction and Marinella arises the ‘Visita Sospesa,’ a charitable initiative for Christmas 2023. The famous tailoring company founded in 1914 in Naples, specializing in the production of ties and luxury clothing items, will gift prestigious products to MedinAction’s doctors. MedinAction is a company born in Rome but active in major cities in Italy and Spain, providing home medical assistance and teleconsultation for foreigners. The value of these gifts will be exchanged for free pediatric visits to Roman orphanages.

I spoke with Gianluigi (co-founder of MedinAction) about the desire to donate some of our products to MedinAction, being a company that, like us, values Made in Italy. Gianluigi proposed to offer, for the same value, suspended visits to those in need during the Christmas period. I liked the idea very much.

declares Alessandro Marinella, family brand manager.

Inspired by the ‘caffè sospeso,’ a famous Neapolitan tradition symbolizing humanity and solidarity, the two companies decided to name the initiative ‘Visita Sospesa.’

A big thank you goes to Marinella for the gifts they will donate to our doctors, and in return, we have decided to offer free visits to our young patients in Roman foster homes with the pediatricians in our network.

specifies Gianluigi Guerriero of MedinAction.

The medical assistance company, founded in 2017, supports foreigners visiting Italy as well as those working or studying in the country, facilitating access to healthcare through language support and prompt, efficient healthcare services. Awarded the European Awards in Medicine in 2022, MedinAction collaborates with international organizations, embassies, and foreign universities, assisting thousands of patients annually, providing a wide range of services 7 days a week, thanks to the presence of general and specialized doctors fluent in English.

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