Montebello Pizza & Barbecue: where to find a great pizza and quality BBQ in Rome

Montebello Pizza and Barbecue in Rome

Juicy meat and pizza for everyone

If you are looking for a menu that pleases different tastes, at Montebello Pizza & Barbecue you are in safe hands. Located at walking distance from Termini station and a few minutes away from Porta Pia, the restaurant proposes a wide range of quality food, from the soft dough of pizza to a lavish barbecue inspired by the national and international traditions.

Thanks to its location and spacious setting, Montebello is fit to welcome big groups. Visitors can enjoy a great meal in the main hall, on the ground floor or up on the rooftop terrace which represents an authentic point of interest. A modern, completely renovated terrazza literally blends in the historical Roman walls, making the restaurant a nice location for a summer aperitif at sunset or an al fresco dinner if you want to taste Montebello’s delights.


Authentic, wholesome dishes are made exclusively with the use of refined, top-quality raw materials, the result of selecting the gastronomic excellence of local producers. Montebello’s menu offers a mix between tradition and innovation as it includes classic dishes such as the fried antipasti and the Roman main dishes with a twist or a new element.

Montebello Pizza and Barbecue in Rome
Montebello Pizza and Barbecue in Rome

Barbecue meat is a must-try at Montebello

The selection of Italian or European dry-aged meat is impressive: the chef is clearly a refined connoisseur of beef and its best cuts. From Gallega, to Chianina and Asturiana, there is something for every taste. The pleasure of good eating is glorified by the careful selection of raw ingredients and techniques. The dry ageing process of the meats enhances the natural characteristics of the product and encourages digestibility.

At Montebello’s, on the very same plate, you can compare the taste of American barbecue, characterised by long, low-temperature cooking, with that of the European or Mediterranean tradition. Finally, along with steaks, you can enjoy sliced beef or grilled polenta with cheese and some Roman side dishes such as chicory and broccoletti.

Montebello Pizza and Barbecue in Rome
Montebello Pizza and Barbecue in Rome

Contemporary pizza with a twist

Montebello suggests a soft pizza made out of the best stone-ground Sicilian grain flours. Choose from the classic margherita to castelli romani (made of pork, puntarella and provola cheese), boscaiola, vegetarian made with seasonal greens or burratina.

The entire in-house bakery and pizzeria production pairs with cocktails and wines ingeniously mixed by Montebello’s bartenders and sommeliers.

Montebello Pizza and Barbecue in Rome

A fine dining experience

Montebello is a complete and unique culinary experience of tradition, quality and innovation, combined by professionalism in preparation and service. A cosy and intimate atmosphere in which to discover the taste of grilled food and pizza, amidst burning wood and red-hot embers, and why not, enjoy the view over the ancient walls.

Via di Montebello, 130 (Termini/Repubblica/Castro Pretorio)

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 12am – 3pm | 7pm-1am
Saturday: 7pm-1am

tel: +39 389.6693006

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