Piazzetta Alfredo: outdoor dining in the centro storico

Piazzetta Alfredo: outdoor dining in Rome's centro storico

Alfredo alla Scrofa opens an outdoor dining area in front of its legendary restaurant in the heart of Rome’s centro storico

After the lockdown, restaurateurs were obliged to find creative solutions to adopt the new anti-coronavirus measures while still making customers feel free, comfortable and happy. One place that has done a great job in doing so is Alfredo alla Scrofa. You may know Alfredo for its legendary fettuccine Alfredo recipe–creamy fettuccine with butter, Parmesan and pepper.

Did you know that the recipe of this iconic dish was born right at this restaurant and handed down over the years, becoming a symbol of the restaurant? In addition to this world-famous dish, they have always had a traditional menu with a good variety of choices.

Piazzetta Alfredo: outdoor dining in Rome's centro storico

But after the lockdown, they decided to embark on a new project and do some restyling. Not only does Alfredo alla Scrofa now offer us new dishes, created by chef Mirko Moglioni, but also a new outdoor space to enjoy la dolce vita and dine al fresco, right in the heart of the historic center.

Just in front of the iconic restaurant you’ll find “Piazzetta Alfredo” – a fresh, brand-new oasis that was once a parking lot and a meeting point. Not only can you lunch or dine there, but also sit down, relax, and write poetry while sipping a cocktail (Alfredo’s Cup is a great one). It’s the perfect place to enjoy these beautiful summer evenings.

Piazzetta Alfredo: outdoor dining in Rome's centro storico

The atmosphere is warm and authentic, the service is even warmer and most attentive. The food… OH, THE FOOD! I suggest you try some of their specials from the new menu. The beef tartare with ‘cailletier’ olives, anchovies, capers and spicy marinara infusion is a good choice for the starter! If you are not a pasta lover, the tuna with asparagus, crunchy aubergines and carrot sponge is a delicious second dish.

And if you’re planning on ordering their signature fettuccine Alfredo, I assure you that nothing will beat enjoying them in this piazzetta in the heart of centro storico, surrounded by beautiful architecture and vivid colours, as a gentle breeze brushes through your hair.

Via della Scrofa 104, Rome, Lazio, Italy


Via della Scrofa, 104/A (centro storico)

Opening time

Tue – Sun 12.30pm – 3pm, 7pm – 11.30pm




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