Red Square: crazy dancing & delicious food in Via Veneto

Red Square: food and dancing in Via Veneto

Red² brings back the dolce vita status to Via Veneto

Located right off of Piazza Barberini, and framed by four columns at its entrance, you will find Red Square; the latest addition to the famous Dolce Vita street. Captained by Elena Spirina, and 3-star Michelin chef Italo Bassi, Red Square offers its clients creative, colorful, and exquisite dishes.

A gourmet restaurant with a unique interior design, Red Square is gearing up to become a staple in the Eternal City. Thanks to its tall ceilings, sprawling bar counter, and baroque-like furnishing, Red² is also the perfect spot to dance the night away. Every Friday and Saturday Red Square hosts DJ-set music and dancing after 10pm.

Did you think the tables were only for eating on? Of course, that’s their main purpose, but let me tell you, dancing on them is just as fun.

The name “Red Square” is inspired by a famous painting done by artist Kazimir Malevich. A big, square canvas painted all red, that Malevich appropriately named Red Square (1915). In fact, you can admire a replica of the painting hanging over the bar, as well as in other details (like the napkins, and the mirror in the bathroom) all over the restaurant. This attention to detail is reflected not only in the decor, but also in the food.

Red Square: food and dancing in Via Veneto

During the creation of the menu, Elena Spirina explained that she aims at offering a healthy, modern, and flavoursome cuisine. With that in mind, she and Italo Bassi went on to create what is most certainly a mouth-watering list of dishes. With a careful selection in the ingredients, combinations, and final presentation, you will be amazed at how far the culinary mind can go. Some of the original concoctions include: french fries ice cream, gourmet burgers, a gin jelly dessert, a crunchy poached egg, and so much more. A little something for everybody, Red Square knows how to serve a masterful cuisine. The menu also includes traditional, yet revisited and restored Roman cooking.

With a light lunch menu, dainty tapas, rich cocktails, a captivating wine card, and the remarkable meals overall, Red Square is ready to go. In addition to the delectable cookery, Red Square also plans on holding different events on the weekends. Whether it be dj sets, soirèes, or anything that involves a good time, rest assured that Red Square knows how to treat their clients at a 360° level.

With so much zest surrounding Red Square’s opening, the future for this high-quality restaurant looks brighter than ever. Could it be that Via Veneto is slowly gaining its dolce vita status back?

Via Vittorio Veneto 9, Roma, Lazio, Italia


Via Vittorio Veneto, 9-11 (Barberini)

Opening Time

Monday-Saturday 10am-12am



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