Rome: the city I love, the city I hate

For those of us who have lived in Rome long enough, there are two emotions that we constantly feel when thinking about the Eternal City: love and hate. And this is exactly what Fulvio Rossetti’s newest video captures: the constant battle between two emotions.

On one side, there’s the city I love, the Eternal City – Roma Caput Mundi – the place that has conquered our hearts through every pink-tinted sunset. The place that gives us unforgettable views from every corner. The place of art and culture. The city of smiles, the city of gestures. The Great Beauty. The parks, the Renaissance Palazzos, the ancient monuments, the lunches at the beach, and the strolls through Trastevere and Ponte Milvio. It’s the city of secrets, a city which will take more than a lifetime to discover.

On the other, there’s the city I hate. A city that is often so rooted in its past that it forgets to change. It forgets to meet its citizens’ needs, thinking that with its glorious history and eternal beauty it can make all of its flaws disappear. And the truth is, when we look at those sunsets while strolling through its cobblestoned streets, we do forget about all of its problems, just for a minute. Rome is all of this: the virtues but also the flaws.

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