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The Scooterino app has already made a name for itself amongst expats and locals: download it to your smartphone and you’ll instantly connect with Vespa-drivers nearby who are heading in your desired direction. Think of it as Uber meets ride-sharing meets Roman Holiday.

If you want to make a day of it and indulge in the comfort and excitement of your scooter-ride, the new “Scooterino Experiences” have you covered. These tours can be booked on the company’s website ( rather than the app. The new feature lets you take a two to four-hour tour of Rome, investigating particular districts and themes by vespa. Whether you settle on the “Classic Vespa Tour,” the “Street Art Vespa Tour” or the “Romance Vespa Tour” you’ll enjoy the combination of your cushy seat and the expertise your driver has to offer on lesser-known pockets of the city, such as neighborhoods Coppedè, EUR and Garbatella. Included in these tours are indulgent pit stops for artisanal gelato and the best espresso Rome has to offer.

Residents of Rome themselves, drivers are experts from both a historical and a cultural perspective. You’ll find yourself fully immersed in Rome’s urban landscape, admiring architectural details and historical curiosities as you weave through winding back streets. From your perch on the back of a motorino you can turn your gaze up from those pesky cobblestones and fully appreciate the views around you.

Scooterino Experencies - Tour Rome by Vespa

If you have yet to see the major sites of Rome, the Classic Vespa Tour will cover all your bases. From iconic ancient buildings to baroque fountain-filled piazzas, the tour leaves nothing out. The Colosseum, Castel Sant’Angelo and St. Peter’s Basilica are all on the list.

Providing a glimpse of the funkier side of town, the Street Art Vespa Tour takes you through more modern Roman neighborhoods, including Ostiense, Tor Marancia and Porto Fluviale. If you thought of Rome as all old-school, you’re in for a surprise: like open-air museums, these colorful parts of the city are packed with gorgeous murals, including works by big-name graffiti artists.

Branded as the city of romance, Rome is indeed home to a plethora of perfect places to take your someone special. On the Romance Vespa Tour you can zip up to the city’s famous orange garden in the evening and look out over roof-tops, across the Tevere and at the Vatican’s lit-up cupola in the distance. You and your sweetheart can admire the Trevi Fountain by night, site of one of the most famous cinematic love scenes from Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. Top off your tour with a taste of Italian artisanal chocolate and some refreshing prosecco.

The Scooterino Experience is a great way to meet local people and your guide will likely take you to a favorite café or aperitivo spot. Sipping an espresso or a spritz, you’ll have the chance to chat and mingle with regular clientele and take a break from the usual tourist bunch. Having entered the Roman rhythm, you’ll go home with an expansive understanding of the city, geographically, historically and culturally.

So put on your helmet,your Audrey Hepburn shades and hop on the back. You’ll be there in no time.

Scooterino Experencies - Tour Rome by Vespa

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