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Sesto Senso Art Gallery has been promoting young rising artists as well as those well-established in the contemporary art scene since it opened in 2008. In 2013 the Gallery moved to Via Margutta, the old center of Rome’s foreigners quarter which is now widely known as the artists’ quarter. Sesto Senso believes that each artwork must be beautiful for beauty’s sake, that it should go beyond temporary trends and always be able to evoke a sixth sense in the eye of the beholder. They are not limited to visual arts but also organize events about poetry, literature, photography music, sculpture and design.

Sesto Senso Art Gallery Rome
Paris, 140×140 cm, olio e acrilico su tela – 55×55 inches, oil and acrylic on canvas

Among the many artists collaborating with Sesto Senso are Antonio Tamburro, Mario Sughi, Vanni Saltarelli, Nag Arnoldi, Giorgio Celiberti, Gigino Falconi, Paul Beel, Friedrich Eigner, Raffaello Ossola, Irene Petrafesa, Marco Tamburro.

Sesto Senso has an e-shop, an international delivery service and offer a free consulting service to try out their artworks in various spaces before a purchase is made. They also offer wedding list service and rent their art works for long periods of time.

Big Beauty, 160×180 cm, olio e acrilico su tela – 63×70.8 inches, oil and acrylic on canvas
Antonio Tamburro, Caffè, 140x200 cm, olio e acrilico su tela.
Interno Blu, 140×200 cm, olio e acrilico su tela – 55×78.7 inches, oil and acrylic on canvas

Caffè by Antonio Tamburro. Opening May 5, 6pm

On the 5th of May, the gallery opens its doors to Caffè, an exhibition of paintings by Antonio Tamburro, which for a month will infuse the place with a vibrant, romantic, but also intricately melancholic atmosphere. Tamburro has been portraying cafes since the 1990s, skilfully centring café life around the silent exchanges between its dwellers and the subtle movements of their souls. Indeed, Tamburro portrays the moods that pervade the café, rather than the physical place, enabling the viewer to recognise and embrace the secret struggles of everyday life. Elegant female figures, that dominate the paintings, are captured by the artist as they smoke, sip coffee or simply lean their arm on the table, whilst absorbed in their own thoughts. The delicate contrast between the intimate spaces of the mind and the social setting of the café are epitomised in Tamburro’s design technique and use of colour; where bright colours arise from blue and grey backgrounds, making the ordinary a space of wonder.

The exhibition will continue until 5 June 2022

Contemporary Art Galleries in Rome

Sesto Senso Art Gallery


Via Margutta, 43 (Popolo)

Opening Times

Monday 10am-3pm
Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-1.30pm, 3pm-7.30pm
Sunday by appointment


+39 349.7075469



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