Teatro Multilingue & Teatrosophia: Microteatro and Aperitivo


The unique experience of multilingual micro theatre … and then, an aperitivo!

Teatro Multilingue is an international company producing multilingual for theatre and cinema. It’s been traveling through London, Madrid, Bristol and in Rome, it recently teamed up with Teatrosophia, a lovely contemporary theatre space in a historical building near Piazza Navona, in Via della Vetrina, 7.

Their offer is simple, involving and delightful: microteatro 15min long monthly shows, specifically short plays, in multiple languages followed by an aperitivo – open to tourists and Romans alike.


Attending their events means a mind-stretch as you hop from a language to the other and as you relax, but also learn. It means taking part in something unique and original in the heart of one the oldest cities in the world. If you are a tourist and have been spending days trying to utter Italian words and make sense of the Roman slang, it means taking a break. It means making new friends from different parts of the world. Finally, and most importantly, it means that for 30 minutes you are just going to ‘laugh, think and have a great time!’, as their motto says.

The shows are available in two combinations: English, Italian and Spanish, or English, Italian and French – you don’t need to know all three languages of your chosen combination to get the show.


Next Show on June 2,3,4, at 5.30pm, 6.30pm and 7.30pm

The show is called Goodbye Papa. What is it about? Goodbye Papà tells a bizarre family story, whereby an English father dies in Egypt, leaving “half of himself” to his son in Italy and the other “half” to his daughter in France (or Spain, depending on the version!), both of whom he had abandoned when they were six. The two siblings have never met and are getting ready for the two separate funerals with the big question of who is going to get which half.

A super nice idea to include in your Roman itineraries – book yourselves a spot; the all-inclusive entrance fee is only € 15.00!

Via della Vetrina, 7


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