The Sanctuary Eco Retreat

The Sanctuary Eco Retreat Rome

Tropical vibes at Rome’s The Sanctuary Eco Retreat

There is a place in the center of Rome far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A bubble out of time: The Sanctuary. When the summer takes back its long and warm nights, to let the winter take its place in the Eternal City, Voodoo Bar transforms into The Sanctuary.

In the darkness of via delle Terme di Traiano on the Caelian Hill, you can already feel the exotic vibes that emanate from this place. The regulars of Voodoo Bar will recognize the wooden driveway that leads to sweet promises of tropical celebrations. Push the Cambodian-style temple door aside and here you are: The Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary Eco Retreat Rome

Inside, Mother Nature takes back its powers: the white wooden structure is all throughout, and plants surround the bar. On the floor, colorful oriental carpets guide the way, and for the laziest of us, cozy mattresses await us. Gentle electro house music hugs your ears and guides you to a seat. Asian or Arabic instruments mixed with some deep beats borrowed from some Berliner DJs finish making you forget the torments of everyday life. We should almost check if the door doesn’t have direct access to Bali.

The Sanctuary Eco Retreat Rome

Now it’s time to order something to eat and drink. As if the decorations weren’t enough to make you travel, the menu makes you cross the oceans to Mexico, Spain, and Japan. Don’t miss the crispy salmon roll which will perfectly match with a cocktail. Speaking about drinks, the familiar selection of beers and wines are of course part of the adventure, but if you take a look at the classic and signature cocktails you will have the pleasure to discover the bartenders’ creativity: Singapore Sling, Blood and Sand, Hemingway Special Daiquiri, Paloma, San Thomas, Royal navy.

The Sanctuary Eco Retreat Rome

If you are more of in a Sunday cocooning than Saturday night fever mood, The Sanctuary metamorphoses in a place of relax and wellness. For the greeenies, a brunch, and for the athletes, even during the week, the program is infinite: Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, dance, martial arts, fusion fitness, Tai Chi, pilates, etc. The whole program is on the Facebook page.

This unique place perfectly knows how to warm up our souls cooled by the winter, and make us wait until the summer comes back to wake up the Voodoo bar.

4/A, 00184 Roma RM, Italy


Via delle Terme di Traiano, 4a

Opening time

Tuesday – Friday from 5pm – 3am

Saturday – Sunday from 11am – 3am


392 604 5465



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