Vega Food

Vega Food Rome

Vegetarian Ayurvedic Food in the centre of Rome

Tucked away in a pretty little backstreet behind Piazza del Fico and Piazza Navona is Vega Food, a small restaurant selling organic and bio indian food. You can sit down inside at one of the three tables and watch as your meal is freshly prepared, or you can take your chosen dish away. Vega Food’s ambience matches its ethos, there is a purity and spirituality about the place.

At the heart of Vega Food is a diet founded on the Ayurvedic principle, the ancient medical system of India. The restaurant’s chef was born vegetarian and lives his life under Ayurveda, believing it offers one of the fastest paths to health. He will passionately explain the thinking behind this diet to customers. There are three Ayurvedic body types (or dosha), Vata (Wind), Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Earth), and once your dosha has been determined, you should follow a simple and prescriptive diet.

Vega Food Rome

The menu offers a range of fresh-tasting and flavoursome vegetarian dishes, and all options but one are suitable for vegans. You can choose between delicious, non-greasy vegetable-filled pastries, such as a pakora, bada or samosa, served with a refreshing yoghurt sauce and chutney. The chutneys are particularly imaginative, the flavours being tomato, tamarind, coriander and cashew.

If you’re looking for a more wholesome meal, you can try one of the more hearty vegetable recipes. There is, to name just a few, sabji, a concoction of stir-fried vegetables seasoned with spices, dosa, a gluten-free crepe made of rice and stuffed with vegetables, and malai kofta, vegetable and cottage cheese dumplings in a creamy sauce of dried fruits and cashews. Most dishes are served with a typical indian flatbread, the chapati, which is ideal for soaking up the remains of a tasty sauce.

Vega Food Rome

Everything at Vega Food is organic. The fruit and vegetables served are only those in season, and ingredients such as flour, sugar, rice and spices are all naturally produced.

There is a selection of Ayurvedic teas made with fresh spices available, or you can be reinvigorated by a lassi, a traditional indian yoghurt shake, or a mouth-watering raw juice. A juice extractor rather than a blender is used to ensure than none of the goodness and vitamins from the fruit and vegetables is lost.

This is the place to come when you’re in need of a break from heavy Roman cuisine. Vega Food’s healthy and appetizing menu will send you on your way with a new lease of life and a stomach full of with goodness.

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1, 00186 Roma, Italia

1, 00186 Roma, Italia

Via Monte Giordano, 1 (Piazza Navona)

Opening time
Mon-Sun 11am-11pm


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