Visit Vatican Museums at night

vatican museums night tour

Avoid the crowds and get the best experience

Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel are one of the top most visited tourist attractions in Rome. With up to 35,000 daily visitors during the high tourist season, it becomes tough to avoid huge entry lines and crowded corridors. Purchasing priority tickets online with additional fees can be one of the solutions, however, have you ever considered coming to the museum at night? 

As of 2023, from late April till late October, you can visit Vatican Museums after the usual closing hours (6PM) on both Friday and Saturday nights. 

When is the best time to visit Vatican Museums? 

On Friday and Saturday nights, the museum’s closing time shifts to 10:30 PM with the last entry at 8:30 PM. You will be less likely to encounter any tourist crowds if you decide to come after 7PM. However, keep in mind that Saint Peter’s basilica closes at 7PM. Therefore, if you are planning to climb up the St. Peter’s Dome or walk around the St. Peter’s square, it is better to schedule the visit during the day.

Is it worth it to visit Vatican Museums at night?

Wonder around the almost empty corridors, spend as much time as you need appreciating sculptures and masterpieces of Renaissance art or taking pictures passing the hallways full of beautiful ancient art on the ceilings. This option works for people who are looking for a calm and slow-paced experience. 

Book a tour

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Visit Vatican Museums at Night

Book a guided tour 

With so many galleries, hallways, artworks and rooms to visit, making sure to not miss out on any of the Vatican Museum Highlights & Must Sees can get a bit overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time visitor. 

Therefore, we suggest booking a guided tour experience. An after hours guided tour around the Vatican Museum is one of the most unique and exclusive experiences. Being surrounded by the timid ambience, walking in a small group and with a slow pace, as well as getting to know about the history behind the walls and installations from an expert, ultimately improve the quality of your visit.


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