Your Italian Christmas gift guide


Made in Italy gift ideas to celebrate the most magical time of the year.

Best gifts come from the heart… and from travels abroad. Share a bit of both with unique made in italy products.

Watching the sun go down behind the Colosseum. Hanging around cobbled streets in Monti. Feeling incredibly fancy as you sip on a Spritz dressed in summery clothes in Trastevere. Perhaps you can’t bring your friends with you to Italy this Christmas, but you can share the best Italy has to offer with them. The holiday shopping season has officially started and Rome is wearing its festive gown , appearing bright and beautiful as ever. 

We at Romeing wanted to remind you that what makes a gift special is the fact that it is uniquely chosen and selected. Our selection includes valuable items made with love by our fellow Italian artisans. 

How to find them? Here is something to get you started. 

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Craft Matters: handmade objects to show special appreciation

Craft Matters supports authentic craftsmanship by sharing the stories of independent artisans throughout Italy. These people are the beating heart of traditional Italian craftsmanship; they are ceramists, jewellers, tanners, stylists, and more… 

Bring a touch of Italy to your loved ones for Christmas, handcrafted by the top makers of the country.

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In Italy, if you are attending a friends’ party, you would usually bring a bottle of wine. Why not make your present fancier present? Pick your favourite colour and make a bottle of wine unique with Derrick Jones’s carrier bag made of recycled men’s dress shirts. Derrick’s creations are hand-made, colourful and his studio embodies the values of a modern business with a central philosophy of sustainability. All the materials that compose his products are recycled, down to the handmade labels. 

caterina ruggeri

Make a romantic person happy with Caterina Ruggieri’s flower artworks. From the purity kit to bohemian hair accessories and flower cloches, your gift will bring joy and light. With these locally crafted decorations, a simple location can turn into an art space, where ideas and emotions are expressed through combinations of colour and texture, enhanced by scents and visual patterns.


If you are looking for a special souvenir of the Italian capital, Carlo De Gori’s photographic prints will serve your purpose. In De Gori’s photos, paint splatters, colourful overlays, and geometric shapes give new life to classic Roman statues, architecture, and monuments. TrevImage, an independent photography studio tucked in Rome’s Centro Storico, has captured the unconventional aspects of the city since 2013.

Art, precious materials and a lot of ideas are the essence of Ditta Carlo Cecchi di Giuliano Ricchi. Enamel, gold and silver plated miniatures from the Florentine master craftsman can represent the perfect gift for those in love with artisanal art and Italian style.

If you are looking to impress your loved ones, head to Vinvox Radio for amazing upcycled vintage radios where you can listen to your favourite Italian songs.


Each bag of Delphina Burró collection is conceived, designed and engineered in Milan using leather from Italian tanneries and other “Made in Italy” raw materials. Take a look at her borsette for a timeless gift. 

For those passionate about writing, painting and keeping memories alive, Legatoria Koiné got you sorted with their hand-made leather journals created in Tuscany. Stick your favourite pictures on the mediaeval photo journals or step back in time using a seal and wax set


Earrings, necklaces and headbands can be an ideal present for friends, colleagues and special people who enjoy designs inspired by the natural world. Colourful and stylish, Sara Amrhein creates patterns, texture, and forms derived either from nature or from chic graphic design. Each item is hand-made in Italy. 

Other unique creations can be found at the Rome-based independent atelier of Lumina. The pair of friends founded Lumina in 2014 and have found themselves tied together ever since. The bond that the former art historians have forged translates into an ethereal collection of unique jewellery pieces that mirror the natural landscape of Italy and beyond.



Those who have visited Rome will surely remember its cobbled streets and fascinating art creations: how to forget the mosaics of the Vatican and those of Santa Maria Maggiore in Trastevere?!

So, another way to share your love for Rome and its arts is through sharing artisanal mosaics made right in the capital city. Whether it is a mosaic tile clock or a series of handcrafted letters and numbers to decorate your garden, with Nadia Ridolfini of Aegea Mosaici you can get your Christmas gifts sorted!

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