Alternative modes of tour in Rome

Part of what makes Rome so beautiful is how spread out it is. Hilly and divided by large parks, however, means it can often become exhausting terrain for the sightseer on foot. But with alternative modes of transportation and tour, the majesty of Rome can be admired from all different angles and speeds. Whether you choose bikes, boats, wheels or hooves, far-out corners of the city become even more accessible to its explorers.


Alternative modes of tour in Rome

These three-wheeled vehicles take the Italian love for the tiny car to the next level. Useful to farmers and city-dwellers alike, Ape Cars can be found across Italy. At ApeRomaTour you can pick from a variety of specialized trips around the city and enjoy sites from the back seat of an Ape Car. Tours are guided by professionals and vary in itinerary. The James Bond Tour includes visits to famous Bond sites from both the books and the movies, while the Ape Shopper Tour takes you through Rome’s high-end shopping streets. The company has a number of food tours as well from Roman street cuisine to sweets. These mini automobiles are perfect for squeezing through traffic and down narrow streets, an adorable ride that makes for a nice break from the usual slogging on foot.


Alternative modes of tour in Rome

Whether you’re in it for a short lift or a long leisurely ride, Scooterino is a convenient and culturally authentic choice of transportation. You can easily download the app to your smart phone and connect locations with Vespa-drivers nearby going in your desired direction. If you want to make a day of it and indulge in the comfort and excitement of your scooter-ride, the new “Scooterino Experience” has you covered. The Scooterino Experience can be booked on the company’s website rather than the app. The new feature lets you take a two to four-hour tour of Rome, investigating particular districts and themes. Whether you settle on the “Classic Vespa Tour,” the “Street Art Vespa Tour” or the “Romance Vespa Tour” you’ll enjoy the combination of your cushy seat and the expertise your driver has to offer on lesser-known pockets of the city, such as neighborhoods Coppedè, EUR and Garbatella. Included in these tours are indulgent pit stops for artisanal gelato and the best espresso Rome has to offer.

Riding Ancient Rome

Alternative modes of tour in Rome

If you thought all of Rome’s ancient splendor lay at its center, you’re forgetting the vast Parco della Caffarella and the Appian Way. Archaeologically rich, these sites can be seen in no better way than through the perspective of an ancient Roman equestrian class. At Riding Ancient Rome you can choose from a few horseback tours guided by local professionals. The program features one to three hour rides that include both a “Ride and Eat Tour,” which has the added luxury of a country picnic, and the “Archeological Tour” with an expert who will guide you past noteworthy ruins scattered throughout the park. This equestrian adventure will take you through the greenest part of Rome revealing the wildest side of the city.


Alternative modes of tour in Rome

If you’re a little weary of the accelerated speed of the Vespa but still craving some wheels beneath you and the wind in your hair, there are quite a few ways to see the city on a high-quality bicycle. With the company TopBike Rental & Tours, you can enjoy more open terrain biking the Appian Way and the Aqueduct Park. This tour stops at catacombs, Roman baths and mausoleums. If you’d like to stay within the city walls you can opt for their urban center itinerary, stopping at all the highlights without missing out on the more obscure sites as well. TopBike Rental & Tours will even give you the option of an electrically motored bike for an extra kick going up those steep hills!

Rome Golf Cart tour

golf cart tour of Rome

Turn a long walking tour into an adventure with one of our private tours by golf cart! Your own guide will meet you at your hotel (city center) so you can explore Rome at ease and comfort and class. Discover the legendary heroes and architectural innovations that made Rome the capital of the greatest empire the world had ever seen. The past will come to life as you retrace history from ruins and palaces, to temples and the Colosseum.

Rome Boat Experience

Alternative modes of tour in Rome

Rome Boat Experience offers many ways to see the city aboard their tour boats that move daily up and down the ancient Tiber River. With the company’s “One Round Tour,” you can glide by Rome’s major sites. For a your boat trip you can opt for the hop-on-hop-off tour with four possible loading locations where boats dock every half-hour. The trip is accompanied by multilingual commentary on the river’s history. For a bit of romance and relaxation along the Tevere, the company offers both a “Wine Bar Cruise” and a dinner cruise. Whether you choose an aperitivo or a four-course meal, you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in the beauty of the river by night and its surrounding illuminated environs.

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