The best bars in Testaccio


Where to drink in the Testaccio Neighborhood

Discover the best bars and clubs where to have a drink or an aperitif in Rome’s lively Testaccio district. Enjoy!

Tram Depot

Via Marmorata, 13
Sun,Wed,Thu 8am-12pm; Fri-Sat 8-2am

The best bars in Testaccio

With Tram Depot you’ll experience the memorable tram ride that transports people not with four wheels but with countless drinks. Enjoy the Testaccio neighbourhood by sitting on the garden’s retro chairs and sipping tropical cocktails or fresh beers. Just pop by after dinner or after a long walk around the Eternal City.

Oasi della Birra

Piazza Testaccio, 38/41
Mon-Sat 8.30am-12am, Sun 6pm-12am

The best bars in Testaccio

During the day this family-run store operates as a delicatessen and restaurant, but from 4:30pm on it transforms into a chill, laid-back spot for drinks. An impressive selection of wines is available, but Oasis della Birra (Beer Oasis) specializes in, you guessed it, beer. Italian and international brands (including six pages dedicated to Belgian names) as well as around a dozen on tap options make ordering here a delightfully dizzying task.


Via di Monte Testaccio, 30
Wed-Sun 12.30pm-3pm, 7.30pm – 12am

The best bars in Testaccio

Simone Mina’s concept was to create an imaginary museum of liquids in this hidden space located on the second floor of Checchino dal 1887, a restaurant that has been around for 130+ years. Taking inspiration from his family and the surrounding neighborhood of Testaccio, Ch1887 combines food and cocktail culture, by experimenting with flavors and ingredients that can be found in traditional Roman dishes.


Piazza dell’Emporio, 1/2
Open daily 6pm-2am

The best bars in Testaccio

Vinificio is a new really cool and really good place in Testaccio. It is large, comfy, classy… they have a wide and careful selection of local and foreign, natural, wines and succulent snacks and more elaborate dishes to pair them with. Definitely worth a try for aperitivo or even dinner!

Caffè Tevere

Largo Giovani Battista Marzi, 7
Mon-Fri 7-midnight; Sat 8-1pm (closed on Sun)

The best bars in Testaccio

Caffè Tevere is an old local institution, popular with young local people all day long for coffee breaks, tramezzini and so on, but it really fills up and flourishes at aperitivo time. It is the perfect place to have a cheap drink, but above all to socialise, mingle and get into the real heart of Roman evening life.

Nightlife in Testaccio: Via di Monte Testaccio

Testaccio has several options for nightlife: several hot spots are carved out of the ancient hill of Monte dei Cocci or there are other options one after the other on Via di Monte testaccio, which makes it easy to go from one club to another. If you want to dance, try Shake (Via di Monte Testaccio, 35), Caffe Latino (Via di Monte Testaccio, 96) for south american vibes and Caruso Cafe (Via di Monte Testaccio, 36), known for its late-night salsa and merengue. Most clubs open at 11pm and many are closed on Sundays. Check their websites for details!

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