Elio Restaurant at The Hoxton Rome: Conviviality Italian-style


Indulge in a long lunch with your friends

If you have already heard about the Hoxton hotels, you may guess why its restaurants are all about conviviality and good vibes.

You can feel it at Elio, the newest addition to the Hoxton family in Rome. After undergoing a recent revamping, the restaurant looks casual and chill, ready to welcome locals and tourists alike to enjoy the best of Italian cuisine in the modern and colourful atmosphere of the Hoxton.

Right in the Parioli neighbourhood, tucked away from the chaos of the historic centre of Rome, this place is the right one if you are looking forward to enjoying quality time with your friends in an easy going atmosphere. The offer spans from breakfast to dinner and includes the international weekend brunch – every meal can be tasted seating in the bright outdoor terrace during sunny weather or indoors, surrounded by iconic ceramic plates by futurist artist Sante Monachesi and Italian vintage postcards.


At any time of day, Elio is also a lively spot to sip an aperitif. Choosing from the drink menu might be a difficult task! The list is designed to exalt local flavours and Italian spirits such as limoncello, vermouth, saffron liqueur, a wide selection of natural wines and a new and amusing element, the Elio’s Negroni fountain will become the protagonist during parties with friends, dancing at the rhythm of the best DJ sets.


Maxi portions for an Italian table

The food menu is created in collaboration with Sarah Cicolini, Chef and owner of two much-admired Roman restaurants (SantoPalato and Avanvera). Thanks to Sarah’s fresh and modern ideas the menu suggests unmistakable flavours that convey the idea of those long Sunday lunches with family and friends spent around a shared meal.


From large social tables to maxi portions, the idea of conviviality is at the heart of everything Sarah Cicolini and Head Chef Alessandro Stefoni do. Originally from Ostia, Alessandro brings his expertise and his knowledge of the Roman territory to the table while Sarah adds up a touch from her own region, Abruzzo.


Some of Sarah Cicolini’s best-known signatures dishes stand out on the lunch and dinner menu, including the supplì al telefono, a must-have on the Roman tables, and the fresh and tasty panzanella with the addition of tuna, passing through the first courses created specifically for Elio’s menu. Linguine, datterini tomatos and yellow pepper sauce, marinated anchovies and chilli peppers offer an incredible mix of flavours and colours.

Elio’s menu is constantly updating and exploring a sustainable and local approach to food. Take the pan-fried eggplant which is 100% vegetarian, to prove Sarah’s green vision. Pastas are made in Verrigni, an ancient pasta factory active since 1898, offering pasta in very special and creative formats. From the dessert list, check out the Roman maritozzo, proposed in a completely new but equally tasty version, filled with diplomatic cream.

Cugino, the All-Day Bar and Café in Parioli

A new Mediterranean inspired wine list

Elio is proud to enhance and promote the qualities of family-run vineyards and Michele Lorenzetti, one the first pioneers of biodynamic wine in Italy, has created three labels for the restaurant, fizzy rosè, white and red wine.

And if you feel inspired by the Mediterranean vegetation of the restaurant, or simply nostalgic of the beach life, guests can find a selection of wines from the southern isle of Ischia such as “Insula felix”, happy island.

Also cocktails that take inspiration from the Mediterranean garden and are thought to be shared through table-fountains provided with multiple tabs – a must try to have fun at the dinner table!

There are many new entries signed by Head bartender Simone De Luca and his team. It starts with the Weber Collins mixed with saffron liqueur, the symbolic ingredient of gastronomy from Milan; it continues with a sour alla Sorrentina with the Mediterranean and citrus scents of Italicus – Rosolio di Bergamotto and finally we get to the Amalfi coast with a Melfi Spritz on the notes of limoncello from Capri.


What to see around Elio?

Thanks to its location, close to MAXXI (National Museum of 21st Century Art) and MACRO (Museum of Contemporary Art), and Rome’s most prestigious Universities and the Art Nouveau neighbourhood of Coppedé, Elio serves as a strategic location where the local and the international community meet.

Blending in a residential yet international district where most of Rome’s Embassies and consulates are located, Elio is the best place in the area if you want to catch up on your emails or read a book while eating some delicious pasta or spaghetti!

Guide To Rome’s Parioli Neighborhood

Largo Benedetto Marcello, 220 (Parioli)

Opening hours
Mon – Fri: 12pm-3pm / 5pm-11pm
Sat – Sun: 11.30am-3pm / 5pm-11pm

+39 06 9450 2727



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