Food Festivals and Sagre around Rome

Sagre near Rome

Best Sagre around Rome in Summer 2022

The sagra is an Italian festival, organized in some towns, or regions, and is always linked to a local tradition or food celebrated in the course of the event. This is our list of Sagre in the Lazio area in 2022.

Sagra Pizza Fritta e Arrosticini
Fried pizza and arrosticini
July 31 – August 4
Fara Sabina (RI)

Sagra dei Cecapreti e della Bufaletta
Cecapreti pasta and buffalo meat
August 3
Villa San Stefano (FR)

Sagra del Vino di Monticelli
Monticelli wine
August 6-7
Esperia (FR)

Fettuccine alla Trebulana
Fettuccine pasta “alla Trebulana”
August 6-7
Monteleone Sabino (RI)

Sagra delle Pappardelle
Pappardelle pasta
August 10-12 agosto
Canale Montenaro (RM)

Sagra delle Fettuccine con i Funghi Porcini e Tartufo
Fettuccine pasta with porcini mushrooms and truffles
August 10
Arpino (FR)

Sagra delle Fettuccine con i Funghi Porcini
Fettuccine pasta with porcini mushrooms
August 12-13
Casaprota (RI)

Sagra della Lumaca
August 13-18
Graffignano (VT)

Sagra degli Gnocchi
August 16
Canterano (RM)

Sagra delle Strengozze
Strengozze pasta
August 24-25
Cantalice (RI)

Sagra degli Spaghetti alla Amatriciana
August 26-28
Amatrice (RM)

August 27-28
Subiaco 8RM)

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