Late Night Food Guide

Late Night Food Guide in Rome

It’s after midnight and you are in need of sustenance. Whether you have a hankering for a slice of pizza, a pasta dish or you want to indulge your sweet tooth with a sorchetta (a flat croissant topped with Nutella and whipped cream), your case of the late-night munchies can be cured at the following Roman establishments.

Il Sorchettaro
Via Cernaia 47a
Mon-Sat 9pm- 7am; Closed Sunday
Home of the Sorchetta, and favorite among Romans for their late night Pizza, Il Sorchettaro is one of the most well known places to grab pizza or one of their signature Sorchetta pastries with a “doppio schizzo” (literally double squirt of chocolate and cream) after a night out on the town.

La Base
Via Cavour 274/276
Mon-Sun until 5 am
Known for its famous clientele and late night hours, La Base is a restaurant, pizzeria, steakhouse and pub. The extensive menu and funky atmosphere draw an eclectic crowd of hungry partygoers, theatre people and international visitors until 5am. A great place for a night-cap and people watching, or for a meal.

Dolce Maniera
Via Barletta, 27
Mon-Sun 6 am-5:30 am
An institution among Romans, Dolce Maniera’s fresh and authentic pastries, bread, cakes, sandwiches and pizza are both delicious and inexpensive. Open 24 hours, 7 days a week, this heaven-on-earth is located in an underground basement in Prati.

Ai Marmi
Viale Trastevere, 53
Thu-Tue 6.30pm-2.20am
This simple and laid-back pizzeria is perfect for families and large groups looking for good, honest food at an equally honest price. Commonly praised for its suppli and fried zucchini flowers, as well as its efficiently prepared pizzas, you will never leave Ai Marmi feeling hungry or unsatisfied.

Paninoteca Orfeo
Via Tuscolana 574
Fri and Sat 6:30 pm-6 am
Sun 6:30-4:00 am
For a late night snack or early morning breakfast, (if you want to watch the sun rise) Paninoteca Orfeo’s delicious paninis hit the spot after a long night of dancing and debauchery.

Dolce Notte
Via dei Magazzini Generali 15
Mon-Sat 9 am-2 am
True to its name, Dolce Notte caters to the sweet tooths among us and sells a mouthwatering selection of pastries and sweets until 2 am.

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