Le Pettinose Hairdresser


English Speaking Salon in Rome Garbatella

Alessandro has put their creative flare and eye for talent to use once again in the form of their brand new salon, Le Pettinose. Found in the charming and artistically vibrant neighbourhood of Garbatella, this English speaking hair haven offers expert styling from a welcoming and dedicated team.

le pettinose salon garbatella

The delightfully eccentric stylist Bruno Gorgoni is at the heart of this venture, and his warmth and outgoing personality create a cheerful, laid-back atmosphere. For those whose Italian is a little rusty (or non-existent), this is the salon for you: Bruno’s English speaking leading man, Michele Alaimo, is at Le Pettinose full-time, which means all your requests will be understood. With experience working in the hair dressing trade in London and in Rome, not only is his English fluent, but he’s also mastered both British and Italian styles and techniques.

le pettinose salon garbatella


Prices range from €30-40 for a women’s cut and blow dry, and men’s cuts start around €23, proving that Le Pettinose remains affordable despite its ever growing reputation.

Blowdry: €20 – 25

Women’s Cut: €55

Men’s Cut: €25

Dye: €60

le pettinose salon garbatella


Via Giacinto Pullino, 68/70 (Garbatella)

Opening time

Tue – Sat, 9am-6.30pm





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