Garbatella Neighbourhood

Garbatella Neighbourhood Rome
Photo by: Bennett Figueroa

A foodie oasis with a contemporary bite

Garbatella fast becomes a favourite of any that visit it. Boasting otherworldly architecture, authentic local cuisine and lively laid-back nightlife, it’s a neighbourhood that attracts the locals. The impressive bridge Settimia Spizzichino is now opening up a contemporary artery into the historic neighbourhood linking it to the studenty Via Ostiense and inspiring a new wave of hip venues.

The area was a development plan for working class families in the 1920’s copying the British ‘Garden City’ by Ebenezer Howard, a utopian ideal where residents live in harmony with nature.

The architectural style is a mix of Baroque-like ‘Barochetto’ with naturalistic botanical and animal motifs along with Medieval and Renaissance flourishes. It has been left to quietly age, the rain creating a romantic Titian-like rust on the facades. Small detached apartment blocks (called in Italian “Lotti) huddle around inner common courtyards with green cultivable spaces.

Legend has it the name came from a kind innkeeper known as Carlotta who fed construction workers, which led to the shortening of Garbata Ostella meaning ‘well-liked hostel’ to Garbatella.

The plan also included Via delle Sette Chiese, an ancient trail for pilgrims to the seven major basilicas in Rome. From eclectic buildings to yummy food, prepare to get a taste of one of the coolest neighbourhoods of Rome.

Garbatella Neighbourhood Rome
Photo by: Bennett Figueroa
Photo by: Bennett Figueroa


Street art vespa tour of Rome

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Eataly Rome


Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492
Daily 9am-12am

Down the street from Garbatella’s historic centre behind Piramide metro station is Eataly on Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492, a multi-level complex of glittering glass instantly recognisable. It encompasses a gourmet food market, retail zones, chic open plan food stations and top floor restaurant and workshop area for tastings, events and cookery classes.

Garbatella Neighbourhood Rome

Public Elementary School Cesare Battisti

Piazza Damiano Sauli, 1

The striking Public Elementary School Cesare Battisti, built in 1930 under fascist rule on Piazza Damiano Sauli displays a skeletal-like dome and imposing grandiose eagles presiding over the tall entranceway.

Garbatella Neighbourhood Rome

Palladium Theatre

Piazza Bartolomeo Romano, 8

At Piazza Bartolomeo Romano is the famous Palladium Theatre with curious convex and concave opposing lines, run by the Romaeuropa Foundation in collaboration with Roma Tre University hosting progressive film festivals, concerts, theatre and more.


Albergo Rosso

Via Giovanni Battista Magnaghi

With the dawn of fascism a set of urban-hotels with less green spaces were set up as makeshift dwellings for displaced workers with common dining and washroom areas such as Albergo Rosso, a strange looming terracotta building with clock tower designated for bachelors.

Garbatella Neighbourhood Rome

Farmer’s Market

Via Francesco Passino, 22

And for fresh local produce, head to Garbatella’s indoor weekend Farmers Market on Via Francesco Passino, boasting over 30 stalls offering fresh seasonal produce from the local Lazio area. From 8.30am to 6pm on Saturdays and from 8.30am – 2.30pm on Sundays!

piazza brin garbatella

Piazza Benedetto Brin

This piazza is one of the most important areas of the neighbourhood and one of the first developments in the area back when works first started in 1920. The piazza, the stairs and the benches surrounding the stone fountain at the center of the piazza create more of a countryside atmosphere rather than that of a big city. Every summer, the piazza organizes open-air movie nights.

lotti garbatella

The Lotti di Garbatella (Garbatella’s Property Units)

The characteristic property units of Garbatella are the neighborhood’s working-class houses, buildings that surround courtyards and gardens, with different architectural styles. If you enter one of the property units you will certainly find clothes hanging on the windows, children playing and elderly women playing cards. It will feel like travelling back in time.


Terra: the Farm-to-Table Restaurant in Rome's Ostiense


Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492 (Ostiense)
Wed – Sat 12pm – 3pm, 7pm – 10.30pm; Sun 12pm – 3pm

There’s a restaurant in Rome that allows you to choose your own ingredients? With the incredible “farm-to-table” or “counter-to-table” concept, Terra lets its guests choose the highest quality ingredients directly from its counters. Afterwards, all ingredients are cooked on a 100% Italian natural charcoal grill that gives off exceptional aromas and flavors.

Al Ristoro degli Angeli

Via Luigi Orlando, 2
Dinner: Mon – Sat 7.30pm – 11pm; Lunch: Sat 12.30pm – 3pm

Ristoro degli Angeli, located in the heart of Garbatella in Rome, is a restaurant dedicated to good food and good drink, happily positioned in front of the Teatro Palladium, one of the symbols of the neighborhood. The mood of Ristoro degli Angeli is to proudly uphold the flag of tradition, seeking to keep alive the memory of those dishes that are often forgotten or considered humble.

Eataly's Ristorante della Pasta e della Pizza at Rome's Ostiense Neighbourhood

Pizza e Cucina restaurant

Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492 (Ostiense)
Lunch: Mon-Fri 12pm-3.30pm; Sat-Sun 12pm-4pm
Dinner: Mon-Sun 7pm-10.30pm

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all pizzas are created equal. There is no such thing. If you want to taste a delicious pizza, one made with super fresh seasonal ingredients, organic flours, top-quality tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil, you need to head straight to the Pizza e Cucina restaurant on Eataly’s first floor. Not into pizza? Check out their pasta menu to explore Roman pasta specialties.

La Casetta Rossa

Via Giovanni Battista Magnaghi, 14
Tue – Sat 9.30am – 11pm; Sun 9.30am-5.30pm

People-oriented and supportive with its “antifascist” theme, “La Casetta Rossa” is the right place to try the best carbonara in Rome. Here, under the umbrella pines you can eat and drink in the delightful internal garden leading to the park, reconstructed by the owner of the restaurant. Every Tuesday, this spazio culturale hosts language exchange meetings and donation-based cooking classes, every month – books presentations, art and photo exhibitions and live music.

tre de tutto garbatella

Tre de tutto

Via Giustino de Jacobis, 19
Everyday, 7.30am – 1am

Open from morning until late at night, “Tre de tutto” covers different roles throughout the day: cafeteria, wine bar and cocktail bar. In terms of culinary offerings, however, the protagonists are the classics of Roman and Italian cuisine revisited. A 120-square-meter space structured on two levels, formerly an abandoned bakery, which is substantiated by an expertly constructed mix of veracious spirit and refinement, tradition and innovation.

Dove Mangiare All’aperto A Roma


Piazza Eugenio Biffi, 3
everyday, 9am – 2am

Bauhaus is a multifaceted venue that in 250 square meters houses a bread lab with pizzeria and restaurant. The new-generation bread lab churns out pan pizza from the morning and pan pizza for aperitifs and casual dinners. On the restaurant front, to be enjoyed on the top floor of the facility, young chef Andrea Castagna, has developed a menu with an international flair for dinner that can also be tried through different tasting routes.

Er Panonto

Via Enrico Cravero, 10
Thurs – Tue 7pm – 11pm

Opened in 1973 by two Roman friends, “Er Panonto” is a perfect place to try real pizza Romana. Crispy and thin, straight from the wooden oven, pizza romana is available in 40 different types. You can indulge in this unforgettable pizza experience fo only €8 ( and Moretti beer is included). A charming atmosphere and the flavours of the good-old Italian days are available daily except on Wednesday.

Acino Brillo

Piazza di S. Eurosia, 2B
Daily 12.30am to 1am

If you are passionate about art and looking for something cozy with delicious Roman food on the side – Acino Brillo is for you. Located in the heart of Garbatella, the restaurant continues pleasing guests for over 10 years. The menu changes daily based on the availability of fresh local ingredients and boasts a rich wine selection from all over Italy. Wooden decorations made by Italian artist Tomasso Garavini, comfy bookshelves and handmade lamps create an exceptional artsy atmosphere.

Pizzeria 3 Gatti

Via delle Sette Chiese, 68
Tue – Sun 8pm – 11pm

A huge selection of pizza, from the good-old classics to the more creative stracchino cheese with nuts or pear and gorgonzola, paired with draft or craft beers and wine await you on the historic street of Via delle Sette Chiese. If you’re in a group you can opt for a long pizza ‘alla pala’ to share with all your favourite toppings.

Li Scalini De Marisa

Via Roberto de Nobili,17
Tue – Sat 12pm – 3pm, 7.30pm-11pm; Sun 12pm – 3pm

On Via Roberto de Nobili, 17 is a neighbourhood restaurant I come back to time and again for down to earth Roman cooking. Sat below street level with a quaint covered seating area outside, you’ll discover authentic Roman cuisine for a great price. I usually order the strange-sounding but surprisingly delicious tripe in tomato sauce.

One Sense

Via Alessandro Cialdi, 35
Mon – Sat 6pm-12am; Sun 12am-3.30pm

Garbatella’s most elegant restaurant accessed through an impressive classy courtyard, One Sense definitely is the place from the “must see” list. This is a unique restaurant which you can find only in Rome. Created with a warm and contemporary feel, One Sense is carefully designed to enable a comfortable space for disabled people. Once you enter the restaurant you notice that every detail of interior is conceived to the accessibility for guests with disabilities. Offering a distinctive atmosphere of equality and exceptional care, One Sense will make your stay in Rome unforgettable.

la casetta garbatella

La Casetta

Via Giacinto Pullino, 103
Tue – Sun 12pm – 3.30pm; 7pm – 11.30pm

If you’re searching for a cozy fish restaurant in the Garbatella neighbourhood, search no more. And to top it all off, as soon as the sun comes out, you can also dine out in the open for lunch (and dinner, weather permitting) in the charming outdoor garden, making it one of the best al fresco restaurants in Rome.


Eataly's The Brewery in Rome's Ostiense area

Birreria Eataly

Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492
Open daily 9am – 12am

Taste one of the most amazing selections of craft beers in Rome at Eataly’s Birreria. Choose from a selection of 400 craft beers and taste Eataly’s very own draft beers (yes, Eataly has its own in-house brewery, and it produces 50,000 liters of beer per year). The coolest part? There’s a system that allows the beer to flow directly from the tanks of the Brewery into the beer taps that line the bar.


Piazza Geremia Bonomelli, 9
Tue-Sat 6pm – 2am, Sat-Sun 12pm – 4pm

After a long day, unwind and enjoy a fine drink in the popular Latteria – one of the coolest venues in Rome. Contemporary and urban, Latteria is proud of its story and location. Latteria offers fantastic cocktails with stories behind them. Once you’re there, check out the “Vota Garibaldi” cocktail. It is the most special drink in “Latteria”. Be ready to hear the exciting story of “Vota Garibaldi” from a friendly barman or from the owner himself.


Piazza Bartolomeo Romano, 4
Daily 4pm – 1am

With over 10 Italian craft beers on draught and over 100 more by the bottle, this bar is perfect for beer lovers. It’s simply one of the most popular ones in Garbatella and the most “punkish” of venues you will find in Rome. “HeyHop” offers many of the beers available from all around the world and almost all types of whiskey. It’s a place where old meets new, with rock music playing and punk band posters all over the walls.


Piazza Eugenio Biffi, 11-12
Daily 7.20am – 2am

Young and contemporary, Biffi is the perfect place to visit if you want to dive into the neighbourhood mood. The atmosphere is vibrant, the cocktails great. Especially the unforgettable “Eva” created by local barman Marco Paoletti. “Eva” has won the cocktail competition “Absolute invite” in Milan and was officially presented in the top 10 best cocktails in Italy. Biffi is the only bar in Rome where you can taste the real “Eva”.

Otium Club

Via Roberto de Nobili, 3b
Mon – Fri 6pm – 1.30am, Sat – Sun 11.30am – 1.30am

If you’re a wine lover, this place should be high on your priorities when visiting Garbatella. Specialising in aperitivo, they have a huge variety of organic beers from Umbria and more than 20 types of wine labels from all over Italy. The must-try drinks at “Otium” are “Garba-Hugo” for aperitivo and the “Garbatella connection” cocktail which you will find only in this bar. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


Why Not Cocktail Bar

Via Luigi Fincati, 2
Tue – Sun 6pm – 1.30am

At Why Not Cocktail Bar you will find a seasonal drink list designed to enhance the flavors and combinations typical of each time of year. A good selection of gins and a continuous search for artisanal products.

568 Public House Garbatella

Via delle Sette Chiese, 56
Tue – Thur 6pm – 12am, Fri – Sat 6pm – 2am

This spot oozes minimalist cool with light wood decor and diffused lighting creating a warm atmosphere with live music sets at the weekends. The menu is simple but creative including stuffed potatoes, hotdogs and omelettes with a focus on their vast choice of craft beers.

Garbatella Neighbourhood Rome
Photos by: Mr Nicola Cerza
Garbatella Neighbourhood Rome
Photos by: Mr Nicola Cerza

Contributors: Lira Bekbolatova, Sharon M

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