Best Bars for Aperitivo in Rome

The best places in Rome for happy hour

When in Rome, do as the Romans do – so don’t miss out on the art of aperitivo. When you get off work, come join the locals in one of these aperitivo bars in Rome. From great cocktail bars to enotecas packed with terrific wine bottles, come taste some delicious food paired with your choice of drink before heading to dinner. Here are our favorite happy hour bars in Rome by neighbourhood.


Il Marchese

Via di Ripetta, 162 (Via del Corso)
Aperitivo: Price of drink

aperitivo marchese

Step inside Europe’s first amaro bar with more than 500 Italian bitter labels. But don’t be fooled into thinking Il Marchese is just for amaro lovers–it’s among the best cocktail bars in the city. Choose from their menu of spritz, americano, or amari fizz. Enjoy these cocktails for aperitivo accompanied by a dish from their food menu.

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    Piazza di Pietra, 42 (Pantheon)
    Aperitivo: price of drink

    The Piazza Navona neighbourhood of Rome

    Super cool, super central, these guys offer up a great aperitivo buffet and sophisticated cocktails. From 7pm – 10pm daily is the bar’s time to really shine; aperitif is considered the bar’s specialty with a wide selection of organic and vegetarian options. The vast cocktail menu is the pride of the employees; each and every tasty drink costing around €10 is exclusive to the bar. A specialty is the Cuban Manhattan, which uses rum instead of whiskey. Reservations are recommended.

    Drink Like Italians: Cocktail-Making Class in the heart of Rome

    Enjoy your mixology experience in Rome’s historic centre and learn how to prepare the most famous Italian cocktails: Spritz and Negroni. Next to that, our bartender will explain how to pair these drinks with food. Want to learn more? Get your answers in a cool atmosphere at Il Marchese while sipping on your own handmade Negroni and enjoying an italian aperitivo.


    Piazza delle Coppelle, 52
    Aperitivo: price of drink + à la carte


    Nodo is a new cocktail and tapas bar located in Piazza delle Coppelle. The bar manager, Maurizio Musu, offers original cocktails – the name “NODO” stands for “Non-Ordinary Drinks Organization” – that play with flavors and aromas and are paired with international tapas created by chef Francesco Giovannelli. With a seating capacity of thirty, both indoors and outdoors, Nodo has become the new go-to spot for food enthusiasts, especially those seeking unusual and flavorful cocktails to pair their food with. Open from Monday to Saturday, Nodo guarantees an unforgettable aperitivo experience.

    Hotel Locarno Lounge Bar

    Via della Penna, 22 (Popolo)
    Aperitivo: €10-15 depending on the drink


    The bar inside of Hotel Locarno makes you feel like you stepped into a Gatsby-esque scene with dark oak and elegant vintage details. The aperitivo is comprised of high-quality ingredients, creating delicious food to match the luxurious atmosphere. In the summer, the ability to sit outside under the stars while still feeling intimate draws the chic and VIP from all over the city. Reserve your table by emailing or calling +39 06 3610841.

    An Evening Walk With Aperitivo: Rome Tipsy Tour

    Explore historic Rome at dusk, whilst enjoying a typical Italian aperitivo, making new friends and learning about the secret lives of emperors. You will be eased into the night by official guides telling you ‘dark and dirty’ stories and offering you a variety of Italian drinks, ranging from wine to Spritz, to limoncello. All of this, whilst walking through the narrow streets of the historical area of, Monti, and resting, like the Romans do, around outdoor small tables in the heart of the nightlife.

    Le Jardin de Russie

    Via del Babuino, 9 (Piazza del Popolo)
    Aperitivo: price of drink

    hotel de russie lunch

    A glamorous and renown restaurant, Le Jardin de Russie has been a long-time favorite among celebrities visiting Rome. A stone’s throw away from the Spanish Steps, the de Russie presents a whimsical setting for your happy hour. Immersed in the iconic “secret” garden, the jardin is also home to various citrus trees, different terraces, and an elegant design, making the atmosphere all the more magical. With a sophisticated wine selection, and a buffet that is far from the usual, starting your evening here will have you feeling like a star.

    Gusto al 28

    Piazza di S. Apollinare, 41 (Piazza Navona)
    Aperitivo: € 10

    Gusto al 28 aperitivo bar Rome

    Gusto is a trendy culinary emporium which just moved near Piazza Navona. It’s a smart option for anyone who finds themselves in the city center and wants to avoid tourist bars. The aperitivo is excellent, arguably one of the best in town: pasta, lasagna, pizza and fried snacks galore all to be enjoyed with their delicious cocktails and wine list directly at your table.

    Wine Tasting Experience

    Via Monserrato, 4
    Book Now

    The best wine bars in Rome

    Indulge in an authentic wine tasting experience in a charming enoteca, footsteps from Campo de’ Fiori. Step inside the boutique wine bar where you will be greeted by your host Patrizia and her sommelier son, Giampaolo.  Once you’re seated, let the games begin. Listen as the sommelier takes you on a journey around Italy and its wine production through the tastings of 6 premium wines (sparking, rosè, 2 white wines, 2 red wines) paired with cheeses, salami, cured meats and bread.


    Enoteca Il Goccetto

    Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 14
    Aperitivo: price of drink + à la carte


    Situated in a palazzo built in 1527, Enoteca il Goccetto is the perfect bar for any aspiring wine connoisseur. Enthusiasts will be pleased to see that the wine list is extensive, mostly Italian and French origin. Their wine by-the-glass list is ever changing, and includes 40 wines of varying kinds. Come enjoy your favorite vino while perusing the cold buffet of meat, cheese, and other delicacies!


    Piazza Farnese, 50/50a
    Aperitivo: price of drink

    best bars for aperitivo in Rome

    Camponeschi’s wine bar is the perfect place for aperitivo in a suggestive atmosphere. Sitting right on Piazza Farnese in the center of Rome, Camponeschi awaits you with its plendid outdoor tables on Piazza Farnese, a very kind staff, great drinks and wine and tasty bites to begin your evening! Reservations are recommended.



    Vicolo Del Quartiere, 7A
    Aperitivo: price of drink

    Cvlto, A Sophisticated Spot for Aperitivo in Trastevere and Rome

    Cvlto is a sophisticated spot for aperitivo in Trastevere. Housed in a former religious relics shop, this cocktail bar and kitchen serves up some seriously delicious plates catering to meat lovers and vegetarians alike. included in the aperitivo formula is a trio of tapas that vary by the day and season accompany your aperitivo cocktail of choice. On the drink menu you’ll find everything from the quintessential Aperol Spritz, some Campari concoctions and other aperitif cocktails, even the Select Spritz hailing from Venice.

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    Freni e Frizioni

    Via del Politeama, 4-6
    Aperitivo: price of a drink

    Freni e frizioni aperitivo bar Rome

    This place is always buzzing and consistently turns out some of the most creative, killer cocktails in Rome by the most fun and friendliest staff. Their punk vibe can be seen from the colorful drink menus that change seasonally, their “drink of the week” and even their getup, They offer everything from the standard dishes like pizza, bruschetta and pasta to exotic couscous salads and hearty vegetarian options. You really can classify their aperitivo as a light dinner and the atmosphere and cocktails are great for sitting around with friends. Service is directly at the table and reservations are recommended!


    Via della Paglia, 40
    Aperitivo: price of drink + a la carte

    Santo Trastevere Aperitivo Bar

    Tucked away in Trastevere’s cozier side streets, Santo is a charming aperitivo spot. Decorated with sophistication, lots of greenery, and attention to detail, Santo is a true gem. Both a restaurant and a cocktail bar, each plate and drink are prepared with great care. The bar is captained by Matteo Masci, and the kitchen led by Gianluca Vestroni. Together they make quite the (delicious) team; reason to why making a reservation is highly recommended! In case you’re unsure about what cocktail to order for your happy hour, know that you can ask for an original creation as well; trust the mixologeres! They’ve recently added many organic wines to their wine selection, too!

    Enoteca Ferrara

    Piazza Trilussa, 41
    Aperitivo: €7-14


    La Mescita is the place that the Ferrara wine shop dedicates to socialising and good wine. Here, in Piazza Trilussa, in the heart of Trastevere, you will be able to choose from no less than 50 different types of wine; if you are in doubt about your choice, you can always rely on their sommelier, who will be able to suggest the most suitable wine for you! The aperitif formula (from 6pm to 2am) consists of a glass of wine and a plate of products of your choice from the counter. The cost of the combo ranges from 7 to 14 euros, depending on the wine chosen. The culinary options at the counter change daily, but they are all express and include delicacies such as fried gnocco, saffron arancini, vegetable-stuffed filo pastry rolls, focaccia with potatoes or onions and a selection of gourmet tramezzini.


    Blackmarket Hall

    Via Panisperna, 101
    Aperitivo: €13-16


    This cool place, located in the heart of Monti, features a raw venue with dim lighting, second hand vintage furniture and an array of nooks and crannies perfect for curling up and enjoying a great glass of wine. And from 6pm to 8pm (from 5pm on Sunday), aperitivo is served where customers can enjoy a free drink accompanied by the dishes on their tasting menu. A choice of vegetarian, meat or fish dishes, so you can experience the nuances of both the food and drink menu!

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    Masa Rooftop

    Via di S.Maria Maggiore, 143
    Aperitivo: €30


    Hotel Major’s Masa rooftop in Rome revisits the traditional Italian aperitivo formula with a Middle Eastern twist. At Masa, conviviality is the mantra. The concept is simple: customers go on an innovative food trip together by tasting their Italian’s chef mezze selection. Inspired by Greek and Turkish food culture traditions, mezze are small bites designed as a mix of small and hot appetizers to be shared in pleasant company. Aperitivo is available from 6-8pm and is priced at 30€, which includes your choice of cocktails or wine along with a delicious mezze dish.

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    Via Merulana, 54
    Aperitivo: €15-18 depending on drink

    Panella aperitivo bar in Rome

    Upon entering into this famous (and expensive) bakery , you are greeted with the aroma of freshly baked treats. Their aperitivo offers an all-you-can-eat buffet and, on the strength of one drink, you can choose from a wide array of gourmet breads, finger foods, crostini, bruschette and pizza; don’t miss their pizza con fiori di zucca (zucchini flower pizza).

    Circolo Vittorio

    Via Foscolo, 20-22
    Aperitivo: €10/14 depending on drink  


    Circolo Vittorio is a restaurant and bar with a trendy, adventurous atmosphere. With chic mixed with jungle looks, it is the perfect spot to enjoy an aperitivo from 7 to 9pm, a dinner date or cocktails with friends. Its list includes succulent specialty cocktails and don’t miss out on their Mediterranean dishes prepared with attention to detail and creative flair. Circolo Vittorio also hosts DJs on weekend evenings, if you’re looking for an exciting night out in an ambient environment, this is the place for you!


    Il Sorpasso

    Via Properzio, 31
    Aperitivo: drink + a la carte options


    Il Sorpasso comes from the verb “to overtake” and when it comes to quality and style, this place definitely surpasses the competition. In the late afternoon and early evening it has the relaxed vibe of a spacious farmhouse kitchen but after 7pm this place is buzzing with locals. It’s an inviting jumble of quaint wooden tables and painted chairs with a delectable menu full of tasty cocktails, yummy wine, and their specialty artisanal meat and cheese platters directly coming from their charcuterie station.

    La Zanzara Bistrot

    Via Crescenzio, 84
    Aperitivo: €10

    la zanzara bistrot rome

    Just down the street from St. Peter’s, the stylish La Zanzara is perfect for an early evening soiree. The aperitivo is second to their liquid concoctions, as they pride themselves on their bar skills (try their Bloody Mary!) But the chef keeps the kitchen fresh by exploring American, Asian and the best of Italian ingredients which are translated into a rich spread for any empty stomach. Great outdoor seating.


    via Montello, 26
    Aperitivo: price of drink + 50% off some dishes à la carte


    Ercoli is the place to be if you are looking for an authentic, mouth-watering Italian aperitivo. Conceptualised as a deli, it evolved to please us all with the introduction of aperitivos and dinners. Ercoli exists in three of some of Rome’s most beautiful districts: Prati, Parioli and Trastevere. The one in Prati, which throughout the day functions as an old gastronomic bottega, pleases peckish souls in the evening. Along with carefully selected wines, or perfectly mixed, cocktails, the place serves the best cured meats – salamis, hams, coppe, culatelli, mortadella, bresaola, soppressate, sausages, speck – and over 200 cheeses, from various parts of Italy and the world.


    Elio @ The Hoxton Rome

    Largo Benedetto Marcello, 220
    Aperitivo: a la carte options

    Cugino is the new cafe and bar brought to you by The Hoxton Rome. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch, aperitivo, smartworking and much more.
    ©Andrea Di Lorenzo

    Elio is the restaurant and cocktail bar of The Hoxton Rome in Parioli. Whether you want to enjoy your aperitivo in the outdoor garden or in the hotel’s cozy yet sophisticated lounge, the choice is very heterogeneous. For aperitivo, starting at 6pm Elio proposes: gourmet bites, typical snacks, dried fruit, cold cuts and cheese platters, and so much more. Everything is perfectly paired up with the best wines and cocktails of your choice mixed by expert bartender Simone De Luca. 

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    Palmerie Parioli

    Viale Parioli, 7 (Parioli)
    Aperitivo: € 15/20/25


    This trendy restaurant and cocktail bar footsteps from Piazza Ungheria (Parioli) has become a magnet for a stylish night out. The venue’s 400sqm on two floors, boasting a terrace and an indoor tropical garden, offers delicious oriental cuisine and perfectly-made signature cocktails. This Asian fusion, sushi-cocktail bar delight, with its incredible decor, plates up a roll of sushi and nachos, or sushi and a mini tartare, or sushi, nachos and sashimi alongside an Italian beverage of choice for 15, 20, 25 euros, respectively, between 6 and 9pm. If the marrying of two great cuisines alone during happy hour is not enough to sway you, then make sure you check out their live music held over weekends. It is strongly advised to book a table.  

    Tree Bar

    Via Flaminia, 226
    Aperitivo: price of drink

    Tree bar Restaurant & winebar Rome

    Tree Bar is one of the few restaurants in Rome completely surrounded by a leafy green vista. This relaxed setting is perfect for a long afternoon lunch, an intimate dinner or late night tapas. Tree Bar prides itself on making fresh bread, wood-oven pizza, and even artisanal beer through its very own agricultural agency: Treefarm. This is the perfect setting for an outdoor aperitivo. During happy hour, you’re sitting in one of the tables, you’ll be served a platter with focaccia, pizza and fried antipasti (according to the day) along with your drink, while if you’re staying in the garden you’ll be given a small food bag to pair with your drink.

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    Angeli Rock

    Via Ostiense , 193 (San Paolo)
    Aperitivo: €5/7


    Angeli Rock in San Paolo does a special aperitivo formula that includes a €5-7 drink of your choice (wine, one of the many tap beers, a Negroni or a Spritz) and food. The house suggests their €15 “Super Piattone Angeli Rock”, a fantastic plate for two with cured meats (prosciutto crudo, mortadella, ventricina), cheeses, nachos, fritti (supplì, crocchette, chicken badidos, onion rings), taralli, and olives. There are various other choices, all ranging between €12 and €15. They also have food options for children in case you want to bring yours along. Angeli Rock has four levels including a rooftop, a covered garden, and indoor rooms, and an amazing view on the Basilica di San Paolo Fuori le Mura.

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    Doppio Zeroo

    Via Ostiense , 68 (Testaccio)
    Aperitivo: €10/17

    Best aperitivo bars in Rome.

    Need dinner, but more attracted to the price tag of an aperitivo? Spinach, cauliflower and grilled onions, cacio e pepe, cous cous, ravioli, and pizza, at Doppiozeroo you’ll find practically anything you can imagine. For just €10/12 you’ll get served a drink + a variety of pizzas, and a mix of first courses, main courses and vegetables directly at your table. They also have a new formula for late arrivals – from 8pm you can opt for their special aperitivo/dinner menu starting for €15/17, inclusive of pizzas, a mix of first courses, main courses and vegetables and many tasting plates made by the chef accompanied by wine or cocktails!


    Via Antonio Pacinotti, 83 (Ostiense)
    Aperitivo: price of drink


    Inspired by the 1950’s American soda companies and taking into account the two biggest trends in the beverage world right now (natural, low abvbeverages) Latta offers high quality drinks and food at affordable prices in a casual, cool setting. On the drink list are beers and ciders on tap, natural wines, highball drinks and a little something they call fermented cocktails. The food menu is inspired by pub food, offering a modern version of street food with a Roman twist. Until 8pm, for aperitivo, popcorn and nachos will be served along with your drink.


    Via Ostiense, 182/a (Ostiense)
    Aperitivo: €10

    Best aperitivo bars in Rome.

    T-bar is all about the space. With a generous open terrace and plenty of outdoor seating, this crew pride themselves on their fun cocktails, abundant buffet (served at the table by one of their staff members), and their chic, laid-back vibe. The music here is eclectic, too – expect everything from house, to 80s, to rock.


    Kubla Khan

    Piazza di Ponte Lungo, 1 (San Giovanni)
    Aperitivo: €10/12

    kubla khan aperitivo roma

    Check out Kubla Khan Restaurant and Bar for an exciting gastronomical experience from 6pm to 8pm for their Degustation Aperitif! The Restaurant and Bar, as it’s name suggests, is a synergy of cocktails and delicious dishes; international cuisine sprinkled with Italian ingredients and a hint of Mediterranean influences. The Aperitivo consists of 7/8 mini dishes – bite-sized and selected from their menu. For example, you may try a slice of pinsa, one uramaki, a small taco and much more – all of which you could choose to indulge in by ordering for a dinner night. All of this will cost you €10 including consumption. However, if you wish to try their eclectic cocktails alongside these delicious small plates, by paying only an extra €2 you can pick directly from their Dream List full of mesmerizing mixes of liquors and spirits! It’s a lovely stop if you’re exploring San Giovanni and want to unwind in an exotic and alluring bar.

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    Piano C – Circolo del Vino

    Via Faleria, 12
    Aperitivo: price of drink + à la carte


    Piano C is a very welcoming cosy little wine bar close to the metro San Giovanni. The three bearded guys that make up the staff are more than friendly and having your aperitivo there is a fun, intimate and homely experience. They serve mainly high-quality Italian wines from all over the country, but there’s also a selection of the classic aperitivo cocktails, plus a shocking and elegant intruder: sake. The drinks are automatically accompanied by popcorn and lupini beans, but if you’re feeling peckish you should try some of their succulent tapas, made with discipline and the will to please by chef Giordano. Some of these consist of foreign dishes read through Italian lenses: try their pumpkin samosas, their pulled chicken baos, or their beef tartare, which is coupled with a mouth-watering giardiniera. Yet seasons change and so do the dishes, depending on when you go, you’ll always have something new to try.



    Via XXI Aprile, 19
    Aperitivo: €12

    Best aperitivo bars in Rome.

    Got the urge to feel sophisticated and suave? Huge heating lamps dot the inviting outdoor area while students from the two nearby universities indulge in plates with scrumptious gourmet pastas and breads. Most coveted dish? The wood fired oven in the back pumps out endless varieties of pizza. For €12 you’ll receive an all-you-can-eat aperitivo served at the table along with a drink! The Momart Spritz is recommended!


    Pastificio San Lorenzo

    Via Tiburtina, 196
    Aperitivo: price of drink + a la carte

    Pastificio San Lorenzo

    Pastificio San Lorenzo, the ex-traditional pasta factory transformed into a contemporary eatery with a retro look, has finally reopened. The dynamic open space is the perfect place from aperitivo to after dinner drinks. The menu invites customers to share, to order from dishes that range from pasta to seafood, from meat to vegetables, which can be ordered in small or normal portions. Quality is key here so this place is great for a splurge, with select ingredients meant to rediscover traditional methods in innovative ways. For drinks you can’t miss out on the fabulous cocktails by Federico Tommaselli, formerly of the Jerry Thomas Project.


    Necci dal 1924

    Via Fanfulla da Lodi 68
    Aperitivo: price of drink

    Necci dal 1924 Aperitivo Rome

    In case you were wondering why the date “1924” is included in Necci’s name, it’s because that’s actually the year it opened. Among its infinite visitors since then, the famous italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini was a regular during his time. Safe to say it’s historic! Located in the Pigneto area, one of Rome’s artsier neighborhoods, Necci is an aperitivo spot worth visiting. With a carefully crafted menu captained by chef Ben Hirst, classic drink options, and a private oasis to enjoy your happy hour in, you will feel right at (r)home. I recommend you try one of the wine options from the carta dei vini, perfect to sip on while you savour the homemade pizza and fritti treats.


    Rosso Eat Drink Stay

    Viale Aventino, 32
    Aperitivo: €10

    There’s a reason happy hour has the word “happy” in it, and Rosso definitely lives up to it. With a modern interior design (mixed with wood and stone features) Rosso is a friendly spot locals often choose for their aperitivi. Thanks to their large spaces, and extensive menus, Rosso is an all-around treasure for the Roman happy hour scene. And speaking of the scene, you’ll be able to enjoy Rosso’s happy hour from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm for €10, which includes your choice of drink + a tasting menu served at the table! Feeling touristy afterwards? Hop on over to the Circus Maximus, an often overlooked yet equally wonderful ancient roman sight!


    Abitudini e Follie

    Via Pavia, 28
    Aperitivo: €10

    Abitudini e Follie aperitivo Rome

    A friendly neighbourhood restaurant, well worth a visit just for their lavish finger food aperitivo. Happy hour boards from their quality buffet will be served at the table from their staff. Their little brioche sandwiches are stuffed with yummy hams and cheeses, vegetables are presented beautifully and there’s even pizza, all for €10 inclusive of your choice of drink. Abitudini e Follie always has a lovely vibe, we recommend making reservations by calling 064441459.

    Contributors: Angela Gleason, Margaux MacNeil, Sarah Featherby, Emily Rosu

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    • This is a great list–surprisingly, it’s hard to find such a list. More so to find one that’s been updated in the last 5 years. I’ve been to most of them, but you’ve given me 2 or 3 that I need to try now. Grazie! P.S. Do you guys like “Gusto” in Piazza Augusto Imperatore?

    • What an incredibly helpful list! Returning to Rome for the first time in 7 years, and this website has been so helpful with planning my journey. Definitely will direct other travelers to your site as well.

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