Must-Sees around Campo de’ Fiori


Mercato Campo de’ Fiori

Piazza Campo De’ Fiori
Open Mon-Sun, 7am-1pm

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Every morning umbrellas open up into a canopy over Piazza Campo de’ Fiori, shading it completely from corner to corner.  Underneath vendors unpack and display vast arrays of vegetables like puntarelle, scarola and broccoletti. Locals come to shop and tourists come for the interesting spices and souvenirs. This is the heart and soul of the neighborhood.

Palazzo Farnese

Piazza Farnese, 67
Tel 06686011


The Palazzo Farnese, now the French Embassy in Rome, is an example of high Renaissance architecture. Cardinal at the time, Alessandro Farnese commissioned its construction in 1514. It was later expanded when he became Pope Paul III. The inside, with frescoed ceilings by Carracci and Zuccari, can be visited by appointment only and must be booked well in advance. Read more here:

Palazzo & Galleria Spada

Piazza Capo di Ferro, 13
Open Mon-Sun, 8.30am-7.30pm
Entry fee €5

palazzo spada rome

This palazzo, once the residence of the noble Spada family, houses the art collection of cardinal Bernardino Spada (1594-1661).  The collection can now be visited and includes many important pieces by artists such as Guido Reni, Artemisia Gentileschi, Parmigianino and Titian.  Don’t miss Borromini’s famous trompe l’oeil near the courtyard’s entrance.

Via Giulia

Streets of Rome: Via Giulia

Commission by Pope Julius II and executed by Bramante, this long street runs from Ponte Sisto to the church of San Giovanni dei Fiorentini. It was built during the reorganization of Rome’s older medieval plan. Today Via Giulia is lined with artisan shops and boutiques. Quiet and shadowy, it is lovely for a romantic evening stroll. See more here:

Chiesa Santa Barbara dei Librai

Largo dei Librari, 85
Open daily, 9am-12pm, 4pm-6pm

Chiesa Santa Barbara dei Librai

Right off of the neighborhood’s main busy shopping street, nestled at the back of a small piazza, lies this little gem of a church. Although it officially dates from the 14th century, the church is thought to be much older.  Upon entering take a look to your right at the stunning 15th century triptych by Leonardo da Roma.

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