5 Rome-based Fashion Designers You Should Know About

Rome Fashion Pioneers

Fashion Pioneers & Their Brands Shaping Rome’s Fashion Scene

The Eternal City, the epicenter for all things art, history, culture & food has another critical principle of Italian culture that we can’t forget about: fashion. If we take one step closer and look, the city is flourishing with a community full of talented creators, one-of-a-kind designs, and ready-to-wear pieces that we can only find here. Come and discover 5 Rome-based fashion entrepreneurs stepping up the capital’s fashion scene that we love, and you will, too. 


NouS: Sarah & Paola Bergman Ricchiuto 

Mercato Monti, Via Leonina, 46/48 by appointment only

Swedish-Italian sister duo, Paola and Sarah Bergman Ricchiuto, launched NouS over 13 years ago. Their original concept started out as a hobby one summer in Paris when the two began expressing their love for design and artisanship, eventually expanding into a full-time business that was born in Rome. NouS’s collection ranges from handcrafted jewelry, as well as apparel and accessories. The brand has a strong focus on only using natural materials, ranging from crystals & stones, silver & bronze, and organic cotton, that are cruelty-free and recycled to create sustainable pieces that can be worn for any occasion, morning to night. Although Sarah and Paola have contrasting personalities, there is a synergy that can be felt amongst them while working together. Their inspiration for all of the designs stem from their travels, the joys of life, yoga, and spiritual & physical well-being. Paola & Sarah can be found at Mercato Monti Urban Market hand-stringing beads, engraving necklaces, and inspiring creativity within their customers. 


Vernisse: Eugenia Penta & Francesca Filipo

By appointment only, Rome & Milan

A brand that has recently taken to the streets of Rome and Milan is called Vernisse. The faces behind this newest fashion project are Eugenia Penta, former creative designer at Fendi, and Francesca Filipo, who previously worked in creation and production for brands like Blaze Milano. It all started when two friends wanted to merge their greatest passions, like the feeling luxury garments create combined with the use of vintage and antique fabrics, and transform them into timeless pieces that could be worn and passed down generationally. Vernisse sources only the finest recycled, vintage, and unused materials throughout all of Italy and Europe, and the products are 100% Made in Italy. Penta and Filipo made it their mission to not only prioritize quality over quantity, but also create partnerships with historical workshops that only produce their garments. By doing so, the two support the old techniques and craftsmanship that have shaped Italian fashion and culture for years. At the forefront of Vernisse’s collections, you will find beautifully hand-stitched silk pieces from slip dresses to blouses, full of vibrant color, patterns, ruffles, and embroidered trimmings. Penta & Filipo also enjoy working with wool, cotton, and linen. 


Pôrt-à-Porter: Stefano Morucci & Jacopo Cococcia

Porta Portese, Piazza di Porta Portese, or by appointment  

Introducing Pôrt-à-Porter, a one-stop-shop for all things second hand, local designs, and a creative market community. The story dates back to 2005, when a group of teenage friends spent every Sunday hanging out at Rome’s most notable market, Porta Portese. There, the group would dig their way through tables lining the streets full of second-hand clothes, shoes, and vintage accessories. For them, Porta Portese was more than a market: it was a school for learning and a chance for discovery. Flash forward to today, two of those friends, Stefano Morucci & Jacopo Cococcia, have continued to be active in the market, buying products after nearly 15 years. With the help from close friend, partner, and fellow thrifter himself David of @ilcapodeicapivintage, the two were able to take Pôrt-à-Porter to the very same place they grew up. There, you can expect to find a mix of quality second-hand products the both of them have carefully hand-selected over the years, one by one, piece by piece, from 90s Nike to old school C.P. Company. Pôrt-à-Porter is not just about selling clothes, but working with and including local roman artists, designers, and creative personalities alike amongst their collections. As Morucci said, “our personal goal, as well as the goal of Pôrt-à-Porter, is to have fun, connect with others, and by doing so, tell stories about our Rome, the Rome we love.”


Retropose: Federica Cremisini

Via del Pellegrino, 60

Roman native Federica Cremisini spent most of her life growing up in the historic center of Rome, where she was constantly surrounded by beauty & inspiration. Cremisini attended Accademia Costume & Moda of Rome, which was a critical stepping stone for not only uncovering her love of product development and design, but kick-starting her passion & career in fashion. There, she was able to quickly pick-up technical & manual skills, which made it all possible for her to become the woman she is today: designer, creative director, craftsman, and original founder for handbag brand Retropose. All bags of Retropose are hand-made in Rome by Cremisini herself, and are notably recognizable because of their unique shapes, lines, colors, and curves. Customers have the opportunity to collaborate with Federica in the design process to create a personalized bag, all characterized by her knotted “vertebrate” technique: a specific weaving process Creminsini uses with strips of fine leather pieces. By doing so, she transforms an ordinary bag into a beautifully modern piece full of dimension, personality, and life. It is art. 


Marzia Genesi Sea: Marzia Genesi 

Via Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, 9

Marzia Genesi created her own swim & resort wear label, Marzia Genesi, which started out as a project between Rome and Madrid in 2014. At the time, Genesi found it difficult to find women’s swimwear that was tailored to all the beautiful shapes and sizes of women, which caused Marzia Genesi to be born. Since then, her product assortment has grown into a beautiful mix of designer bathing suits, kaftans, dresses, and summer essentials that can be worn for all occasions: a last-minute trip to the beach, an eloquent summer party, or a relaxing dinner by the sea. Genesi believes in the freedom that summer brings, and wants all women to feel the same while wearing her designs. Her collections all have a strong sense of femininity, versatility, elegance, and charm, and draw on art, nature, and her environment for pattern design and colors. Just this past week, Genesis opened the doors of her newest space in Rome, where customers are welcome to interact with Genesis herself, buy products, and customize orders, from color to size.

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