We’ve found a new dating app with an actual waiting list… this is why

Let’s get real, being the single one in the group is HARD (especially if you’re always going out with the same people and your closest friends are almost married). You keep asking yourself when will I meet the one? That’s when we turn to online dating. You think you’ll meet so many more people and will at LEAST like one of them. Suddenly, you’re faced with a hundreds of smiling profiles … it can be overwhelming to say the least.

And so begins the LONG selection process: endless profiles, aimless left and right swiping, and all for what? If only we could make sure the people we met online were more our type… but what if you could get all the perks of diving into a large dating pool, but a pool of people who are actually interesting?

That’s what The Inner Circle is all about… selectivity…at last! It’s time to get rid of those old dating apps (which don’t get me wrong, used to be cool) and try something new. My motto has always been quality over quantity, and The Inner Circle offers just that… forget about aimless matching. They screen profiles at the very beginning accepting only genuine people who they can verify aren’t catfish – YES! Which automatically means that the users on the app are actually appealing to date. No weirdos to hide from and horror stories to tell your friends about…

Plus, they host super cool exclusive events. Think about it, what’s the problem with parties? You never know who is single and who isn’t. That sucks. Wouldn’t a party with only super cool SINGLE people every now and then be the answer to our problems? YES!

And get this, The Inner Circle gives its members access to exclusive events and parties all over the world! They even have a section where you can get inspiration on where to go for the weekend, what you can do with your date and more – each and every place tried and tested by other members.

Moma always told me not to settle for anything less than I deserve. And since I’ve downloaded The Inner Circle, I haven’t! Sign up for free and find like-minded singles too.

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